Spotlight Book! “Lonely Heart Of The Little Prince” by LeeAnna Neumeyer

Beautifully written, the story of Adele is both bittersweet and captivating. Her emotions seize the reader with every page, making you wish Adele would finally “tell him”. It’s not a story about unrequited love, but about the regret that comes with never professing such emotions, and how they eventually turn into haunting sentiments, corroding you from within.
For every “Little Prince” lover (and even those who’ve never had the chance to read it, such as myself), this story is a true gem everyone should enjoy. – Amazon Reviewer 


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In 1942, famed French aviator and author, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was looking for a quiet place to write and complete his book, The Little Prince. He found it in a mansion on Long Island near the village of Northport. 

Only a few people knew the details of what happened while Saint-Exupéry was writing his masterpiece. One was Adele Breaux, the French teacher from Northport High School whom Saint-Exupéry hired to teach him English. 

Many years later, Adele set out to write a book to record the facts of those details for the world to know and remember. However, in doing so, she left out the most important fact of all — she fell in love. 

Inspired by the memories and recollections from three of Adele’s closest friends, this story is unique in that there is little information available about the time Saint-Exupéry was writing The Little Prince. Adele Breaux, being one of Saint-Exupéry’s few yet frequent visitors to the mansion, saw first-hand his master work in progress, and came to know him well during that time. 

Those months in 1942 that Adele shared with Saint-Exupéry were something she spoke often with to her friends, well into her declining years. It was obvious to them that he had more than made a significant impression on her life. He had her heart. 


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Spotlight Book! “Poems of Love, Romance and Tears” by Judy Ritchie-Ramirez

This small collection of poems makes an easy read on a rainy weekend. Through her poems, Judy lets us in and offers us a glimpse at her life, her friendships and her reliance on God’s guidance. The playful tone of her verse, the pureness of her feelings and the influence of her childhood memories give the readers a quick insight into a life well lived. – Amazon Reviewer


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Poems of love and of romance, friendship and tears. All of which were written during each emotional time during the course of my life. Pictures of some of my paintings have been included.


Watch the book trailer for “Poems of Love, Romance and Tears”


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Book Review! “Allure of the Gypsies” by Charles E. Yallowitz

PLOT   – ****
FLOW – ***



Oh how I have missed the land of Windemere! “Allure of the Gypsies” is the third installment in this awesome series. In case you missed it, my review of the first two books are HERE and HERE

I definitely, highly recommend starting with the first book before jumping right into this one.

One of the things I love most about this series are all the characters! They are developed so well that I feel like I know them personally.  Even the newly introduced characters fit in immediately. 
In fact, when I was reading this I would have dreams with them in it. Kind of like watching a movie/book. That rarely happens, but I love it when it does!

Luke and Nyx continue on with new adventures. The past hasn’t been kind to Luke and he goes home to face his family and friends. 
Unfortunately new trials and tribulations face him there as well and soon he and Nyx are on another quest. 
Will they have the strength to succeed? 

Overall the whole series is great. Luke is a believable character. He isn’t the hero that never bats an eye. He has self doubt and sometimes he is straight up whiny…but he’s real. I know I would be whiny if I were in his shoes 😉
I can’t wait for the next installment! 

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The adventures of Luke Callindor and Nyx continue after their journey down the L’Dandrin River in Legends of Windemere: Prodigy of Rainbow Tower.

Reeling from his failures in their previous adventure, Luke leads his surviving friends to his hometown. With his mind frayed and his confidence fractured, Luke must face the family and fiancée he left behind. It is a brief homecoming when the vampire Kalam attacks the village, forcing Luke and Nyx to break into his lair for the key to resurrecting a fallen warrior. It is a quest that will force both young heroes to reach new heights of strength and power that they never knew they had. 

Can Luke and Nyx escape the lair of Kalam? And, what role will the orphaned gypsy Sari play in their looming destiny?


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Spotlight Book! “How to Organize Seminars and Webinars” by Dr. Williams Alalade

Learn the Simple Strategies to get Contents and Organize Your Seminars and Webinars to Maximize your Income.


Here are the Powerful Tools YOU would get by reading the book:

Learn How Seminars and Webinars Can Work For You
Learn How to Search for any hot topic and find a hungry market for it
Get Time-Tested Tools To Scout for the best speakers in any industry
You Would learn how to negotiate and PAY the EXPERTS to PRESENT YOUR SEMINARS for YOU even if you don’t have anything to SAY!
Get Uncommon information on how to Choose the Right venue and avoid the pit falls that plague the newbies and the pros!
YOU will learn how to PLAN YOUR DAY TO THE TINNIEST DETAILS and avoid little known mistakes that could ruin them
LEARN how to become an expert while LEARNING the ROPES

FREE Kindle Book! “Once and Forever”

Books are free for a LIMITED time! Be sure to check price before checkout.* 

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From five compelling authors, five original novellas which will make you laugh and cry, and believe in a love that once found will last forever. Meet a duke, a psychic, a bodyguard and a professor…and one “guardian fairy” in absorbing stories ranging from regency and contemporary romance to paranormal and women’s fiction.

Playing for Keeps by Mary Blayney

Actress Kendall Marshall is determined to get an autograph for her sick sister from famous TV personality Mike O’Hara, the Oprah Winfrey of sports. In the process she meets his brother, security consultant Steve Marshall, lands a job on O’Hara’s show and gets in the way of a man set on causing big trouble. As the stalkers attacks escalate, Steve and Kendall are thrown together and find it impossible to ignore the chemistry between them. 

The Princess & the Pinot by Elaine Fox

When a beautiful woman shows up at the Vineyard Inn, wine manager Kim is certain she’s been sent by fate for the inn’s owner, Cooper. Self-effacing to a fault, Kim knows she can’t hold a candle to Principessa Bella, who also seems to know even more about wine than Kim herself, but her heart has belonged to Cooper since they shared one kiss as teenagers.

Kim is afraid Prin will sweep just as surely into Cooper’s arms if she doesn’t do something about it. Can she tell Cooper how she feels without losing even his friendship? Kim is willing to try except for one problem: she’s almost certainly losing her mind. Or is that belching, swearing, smoking, farting fairy – who claims to be trying to help her – real? 

Duets by Emelle Gamble

Duets offers alternating looks into the lives of two women who would seem to have little or nothing in common.

Screen star Molly Harper is on the verge of marrying a man who has swept her off her feet, though perhaps hasn’t swept all her feelings for her first love away. Anne Sullivan, happily married for twenty-five years, is fighting to hold onto the man she loves, and hold off a confrontation that could shatter her family’s image of what they are.

Duets confronts a past secret that ties these two women’s lives together, just as chance events turn Molly and Anne’s worlds upside down. 

Never and Forever by Lavinia Kent

Molly, Miss Wilkes, runs an employment agency helping women of quality find positions perfected suited to their characters. Although her father held the title of Earl for just over a week before his death, Molly has never wanted to be a lady. She knows her place in this world – and it is not at the center of society.

The Duke of Radford cannot imagine a world without all the privilege and power that comes from being Radford. Why would he ever have interest in a simple woman who doesn’t even understand that she should want to be a duchess?

Can these two overcome the obstacles of their own beliefs and realize that love can make all things possible? 

The Psychic Detective by Evie Owens

Psychic Martin Sterling doesn’t trust cops–and the feeling is mutual. Detective Erin Healy needs more than a ghost story to save her job and reputation. Her partner is dead, a million dollars in drugs and money is missing, and all the evidence points to her.

Can a sexy psychic and a by the book cop, trapped between the living and the dead, unearth the truth? Or will a cold-blooded killer get away with it all…


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Spotlight Book! “Moving Mama” by Anne Hays Egan

Highly recommended for anyone with aging parents.  – Amazon Reviewer 
Provides thoughtful insights regarding the issues faced as a loved one decends into Alzheimer’s—and potential actions possible.  – Amazon Reviewer 
Moving Mama is a well written personal account of the challenges faced when a loved one gets Alzheimer’s disease.  – Amazon Reviewer



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From the Author:

At holiday time, people caring for an elderly loved one need extra support. This holiday season, think about giving a little help in the form of a book called a “must read for caregivers.” Moving Mama: Taking Care of Mother During her Final Years with Alzheimer’s has received rave reviews, and has been called one of the best, most practical resources to come along in a good while. Captivating and frank, often wry or downright funny, and always helpful, the stories are compelling. The book covers how the family dealt with finances, wills, finding caregivers, personal care, handling memory loss, moving, Sundowner’s and more. Helpful community resources are included as well. Moving Mama can be a wonderful aid to those caring for an elderly loved one with Alzheimer’s. 


Alzheimer’s disease is affecting more and more families, and the impact can be staggering. Most of us need help along the way. 

Called a “must read” by many reviewers, Moving Mama is an excellent resource for people caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. This is a book full of Anne’s stories, but they are also our stories. They’re stories that relate to more than 5.4 million people with Alzheimer’s – and their families. Stories that millions of us will see played out in different ways in our own families as we face the impact of Alzheimer’s. Frank, captivating, sometimes hard-hitting, often wry or downright funny, and always helpful, the stories are compelling. The book includes stories about how the family dealt with finances, wills, finding caregivers, personal care, handling memory loss, moving, Sundowner’s and more. 

Each chapter includes stories focused on a theme, and ends with tips, tools and resources to help the reader deal with similar issues. The author is a health planning consultant, and provides important information about resources, insights regarding options, and a wealth of tips and tools. 

Written with a light touch and a wry sense of humor, readers and reviewers have called the book “engaging, moving and informative;” “a compelling story that touched me deeply and personally;” and “something I could not put it down.” Moving Mama has been called a book that “at its core speaks of hope, despite all of the challenges that Alzheimer’s presents.”

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Book Review! “Desperate Endurance” by Kasey Riley


PLOT   – *****
FLOW – ****



Every time I read a mystery/suspense novel I wonder why I don’t read them ALL the time. 
Especially such a well written one like Desperate Endurance!

I fell in love with Bethany right away. I was so happy for her that she finally found herself free from her less than stellar ex-husband Bobby. 
I think we all know those girls in real life, and are so happy for the ones who find freedom.
I think the fact that she found her freedom among horses and riding sealed the deal for me. I love horses! 

The murder happens right at the beginning of the story when she is at a campsite with her horses. The suspense is very believable and well paced. I think we all have that inner fear of being chased…not knowing when the pursuers will catch up!

I really liked Roger. A regular upstanding cowboy. I thought he and Bethany fit together nicely and the fact that they were trying to figure who murdered his father added a nice element to the dynamic. 

Overall it was really well written, and as a reader I wasn’t able to let my guard down at all! Making it a fast paced read, exactly how I like them. 

Solid 5 stars!

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When endurance rider and divorcee Bethany witnesses a murder at a highway rest area, she’s forced to elude the killers while locating the victim’s son to pass on documents as the victim requested. Told to trust no one, she struggles to create a new persona in order to hide her identity from the killers as she takes on the challenge of finding widower Roger Meadows, the handsome son of the murder victim. She manages to overcome her shyness to become a sassy redhead whose bold personality allows her to meet and intrigue Roger while avoiding those who are hunting her.They learn to trust each other as they delve into the death of his father and work to avoid the killers. It is a desperate ride at the end of the story that provides the information needed to solve the mystery and cement their love. 
This novel appeals to readers of Suspense, Romance and Mystery. The characters are rich and believable as is the plot and locations. Celebrating and reflecting the values of small town America in the background while the characters struggle to solve the mystery surrounding the death of Richard Meadows.

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Book Review! “The Tigresse and The Raven” by Julia Donner


PLOT   – *****
FLOW – ****



I have taken a bit of a sabbatical over the past month or so (crazy time of year, that is for sure!) 
Since I have started reviewing books again, this one has definitely reminded me how much I love this genre. 

Cassandra is such a strong character that you can’t help but fall in love with her almost immediately. 
Maybe it is her red hair, or maybe that despite the fact that she should despise her parents for all they have done to her she still tries to help in any way she can. 

Because of this, she finds herself in an unbreakable contract to be married to a despicable man. She was supposed to marry Mr. Fallone and he was going to pay all of her family’s debts and then some.
Unfortunately the contracts were drawn up and signed in haste and no one noticed that the wrong name was on them. 

Arthur (Mr. Fallone) was understandably angry at this development and took things into his own hands…..will he ever be able to recover from the aftermath of his “problem solving”? 

Last but not least is Rave. The man that Cassie really wants but can never have. Secrets from her past haunt her and her future is anything but bright.
Rave doesn’t know she has these secrets and pursues her any chance he gets.
Will be be able to handle the truth?

Loved it, so say the least! If you missed it, it is FREE today. So seriously…..go get it!

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A secret stops Cassandra Seyton from accepting a flood of marriage proposals until Lord Ravenswold sees her. By then, it’s too late–her family hovers on the brink of financial ruin with another social catastrophe about to explode. But neither can resist an attraction that burns stronger than society’s dictates and their lack of trust–his of women–hers from fear of discovery.

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Steamy Book! “Cowboy Lust” by Rachel Sanford

“The scenes between them are steamy and very well done.”Amazon Reviewer
“Looking forward to reading more of her stories.”Amazon Reviewer 
“The chemistry between the main characters is sensational.”Amazon Reviewer 


Download “Cowboy Lust” NOW!

Casey had always loved Jake but she walked away. When she was forced to come home to her family’s ranch the passion between the two flared to the surface again.
Can she stay away from him? Or will the handsome cowboy break through her defenses again and steal more than her heart?

This story is an adult erotic short story, approx. 14 pages with explicit sex scenes.

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Spotlight Book! “The Law of Attraction Principle” by Kate Michael

Wow! I am super excited to know I finally got my hands on this awesome book, exactly what I wanted and a heck of a lot more. I have been trying to exercise the law of attraction for some time now but never got the proper guidance. Now thanks to this book, I am being led on the correct path to changing my life in the most positive way ever. A solid yet simple book, I totally love the way Kate has delivered it all making it so reader friendly, all I have left to say is …. perfect. Amazon Reviewer 


Download “The Law of Attraction Principle” NOW! 


Have you ever wished for more out of life? Have you ever seen somebody who is successful and wished that you had that success or maybe you wondered what the secret to their success was? If you feel that your life is lacking and that there is more to life than just wishing you had more then this is the book for you. 

Stop wishing and start getting! The Law of Attraction is a powerful way to change your life. Empower yourself to manifest your desires. You will be the creator of your own reality and this book will show you how. You can attract the things that you want and you deserve to attract them! This book will change your life, for the better.

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