Spotlight Book! “The King of Threadneedle Street” by Moriah Densley

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He owns three shipping companies, a diamond mine, and his own castle. 
He knows Portuguese, Hindi, Mandarin and Morse code. 
His assets net thirteen million. 

Everyone thinks Andrew Tilmore, Lord Preston, the financial prodigy dubbed

“The King of Threadneedle Street,” has it all, but he wants the one prize money can’t buy: his childhood sweetheart. 

Alysia Villier can’t say if it’s worse having Andrew’s father in control of her inheritance or Andrew in control of her heart. He’s ruined her for any other man, but she simply can’t give in to him. She knows he’s destined for great things—marrying a courtesan’s daughter would jeopardize everything he stands for. 

Keeping Alysia out of trouble and away from eager suitors becomes a cross-continental quest for Andrew, and he won’t be stopped by his old-fashioned family or the disapproval of the ton. After all, he’s a man with the power to play newspapers and investors like pawns, tumble world markets and incite riots…but can he win the biggest gamble of his life? 


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FREE Kindle Steamy Book! “Beverly’s Love Affair” by J.Z. Pinder

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Beverly Rollins is having lunch at the Atrium restaurant with her best friend and coworker, Ruth Powers. She    has just confided to Ruth that she is very close to scheduling a meeting with a man, Christopher Mason, whom she met online at a notorious dating website called Cupid’s Boudoir. 

Beverly confides to Ruth that she feels terribly neglected by her husband, Norman, and her two young children.
She describes one example of Norman’s indifference toward her:

“Wait until you hear what happened one morning about a month ago,” Beverly said. 
“I had just pushed the kids out the front door for school. Norman was deep into the Journal. I said, Norman, I’m having an affair. ”
“You’re kidding,” Ruth said.
“No. I did it for kicks. You know what he said?”
“Tell me.”
“He never looked up,” Beverly said. “Norman never took his eyes off the Journal and all he said was, Umm really.”
“That’s incredible,” Ruth said. Her face showed disbelief. 

She is actually considering having an affair with Christopher, whom she has been chatting with online for three weeks. She feels that she has a lot in common with Christopher, who seems to be a romantic and gentle man anxious to meet her. Beverly doesn’t want to break up her marriage, but she has a need for some of the excitement she experienced with Norman early in their marriage


During their lunch, Beverly says she is going to give it one more try with Norman. She is sending the kids overnight to their sitter, then she will prepare a delicious dinner for Norman. She’ll wear a sexy outfit, will seduce him and take him to bed. Hopefully all of this will result in once again bringing back the old Norman. She tells Ruth that if Norman doesn’t respond to her seduction, she is definitely going to meet Christopher Mason. She puts on her best cocktail dress and wears Norman’s favorite perfume. After her bath, she admires her body in her full-length mirror:Her shoulders were pulled back to enhance the view of her large breasts. She lovingly ran her hand slowly over both mounds. She pinched her nipples, and was inwardly proud of the way they stood out in two hard, pink points. Turning gradually, she admired her breasts from three different mirror angles. I do have a great pair of knockers, Beverly thought. The total idea of the coming seduction of Norman visibly excited her. She rubbed both nipples with the palm of her hand. Her breathing became deeper. She sucked in her abdomen as much as possible and arched her back while she turned and viewed her firm behind. She ran her fingers gently over the slight swelling of her abdomen. 


Norman enjoys the dinner, but says he is very tired from a hard day at the office. Later, she gets him upstairs, and goes into the bathroom to change into something more comfortable. Wearing her sexiest lingerie, she makes her grand entrance into the bedroom. What happens after all the effort she has put into her seduction of Norman? Will she meet Christopher and begin an affair with him? You, the reader, won’t be able to put this e-book down as you read about Beverly’s erotic adventures.


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Spotlight Book! “My Heart In Seoul” by Sydney Arrison

From Publisher Front Porch Romance & Author Sydney Arrison, “My Heart In Seoul ” $2.99 on Amazon


indie-author-spotlight bookWhere’s Olivia Pope when you need her? New York reporter Jasmine Sinclair sure could use Olivia’s expertise. After she finds herself caught up in a major scandal. She flees the prying eyes of the press and accompanies her father, Senator John Avery Sinclair on his trip to Seoul. While there… Jasmine is intoxicated by her surroundings and dares to approach a mysterious and handsome stranger. The encounter leads to a passion-filled weekend, that neither one will forget. Will distance, ambitions and family-ties keep them apart or will they find each other again?

Emmy award winning reporter Annette Lawless calls My Heart In Seoul “a great find.”


Book passage:
“He stared in her eyes for a moment, and then he leaned over and kissed her. As their lips touched, he could feel the sobs in her throat vibrate through him. He felt her tremble when he pulled her closer to him. Her perfume smelled sweet, a delicate fragrance, that reminded him of lying in dew covered grass on a warm summer’s night.”
Copyright 2013 Sydney Arrison

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FREE Kindle Book! “Darline’s Encounter With a Crazed Killer” by J.Z. Pinder

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This lengthy 7,700 word story opens with a man in a black mask staring at the nude body of the woman whom he has just strangled. He is the notorious serial rapist who has been terrorizing center city Philadelphia for some time. This is the first time he has killed. His hands are shaking.

This wasn’t supposed to happen, he thought. He sat on the edge of the bed, staring at the voluptuous naked body of the dead woman lying stretched out on her back. She had blonde hair, large breasts, and was visibly overweight. He always went after women with those body characteristics. She wasn’t like the others, the killer thought. Why did she have to fight me like that? It all got out of control. She got undressed without any trouble. She was so strong, and then she started screaming. I had to strangle her to shut her up. I had to do it. I didn’t have any choice.


Darline Flowers is the young corporate development officer for Maximus Food Products. She is currently working on the acquisition of a gourmet soup company. She is a charming, tall woman with a light complexion, blonde hair, and an hourglass figure. Darline lives in The Winchester, an apartment building located several blocks from Philadelphia’s upscale Rittenhouse Square. She dreams of someday being able to live in one of the tall buildings facing the Square. Away from the office, her life centers around her severely asthmatic, six-year-old son, Billy.


One day while shopping in the small supermarket near her apartment, Darline meets a handsome man about her age, who introduces himself only as Buddy. Between her busy corporate schedule and caring for her asthmatic young son, Billy, Darline has not had any time for dating for several years. The meeting with Buddy prompts her to consider getting back into the social scene.


Darline and her best friend and co-worker, Julie DuBois, are having lunch at the swank Sans Souci restaurant. They are discussing the recent murder, which is believed to be the work of the serial rapist. Julie is terrified by his actions, but Darline seems uneffected by all of the publicity surrounding the murder. Julie knows that Darline is fearless and not easily frightened about anything.

“What do you think of the poor woman who was murdered?” Julie said.
“I haven’t been following it. When did it happen?” Darline asked.
“Two nights ago.”
“Tell me about it.”
“He’s never killed before,” Julie said. “The others were just raped. She was single and came from Ohio.”
“Where did she live?”
“Right over at 16th and Spruce. That’s scary isn’t it? Too close to your apartment.”
“I can’t spend my life being scared, Julie. I have good door locks. The poor soul he murdered was just in the
wrong place at the wrong time. It’s tragic. We live in a big city. These things happen.”


Every other Friday night, Darline and Julie usually go out to the 333 Club. This Friday Darline visits the club alone, because Julie isn’t feeling well. Once again she runs into the seemingly ever-present, Buddy. He tells her he can’t stay because he has an early appointment the next day, but they make a tentative date for the following Friday. Darline is pleased she will finally be able to spend some time with him and maybe see the beginning of a romantic relationship.

Darline’s frightening confrontation with the serial rapist and killer draws ever closer. What will happen to this brave and resourceful woman as she confronts imminent danger? You will be shocked by the suspenseful climax to this story.


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FREE Kindle Book! “Chasing Memories” by Tia Silverthorne Bach

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There isn’t another way; not now. The others are coming. I can’t let them have you…

Seventeen-year-old Reagan has a problem: She can’t remember what happened the night her brother was taken. Now, the dreams haunting her from the incident are becoming more intense by the day. All the while, the lines between what’s real and what’s a product of her paranormal-obsessed mind are becoming blurred.

Is she losing her mind or has she just stepped into a world she thought only existed in books?

Caught in a web of worried parents, competing boys, Wiccan relatives, protective amulets, and psychiatrist babble, Reagan must determine the truth before it’s too late.


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Spotlight Book! How to Attract and Make Women Want You Now” by Keisha M. Michael


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Are you tired of watching over men have all of the success with meeting women? Do you want to stop being ignored and start being the person who they all want to talk to? That can be you! If you are struggling with dating or are not having any luck with meeting women, this is the book for you. You will learn how to overcome some of the roadblocks that you are experiencing as well as what common errors you might be making and how to fix them. 

Stop being told no and start being told yes and this book will help. All of the secrets towards making women want you are in this book. Learn how to be attractive and to make yourself irresistible to women. From what to say and how to say it to how to make yourself the type of person that people are drawn towards, this book has it all. You can do it; all you need to do is read this book today!


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Spotlight Book! “Love Beyond Time” by Bethany Claire

Wonderfully written and an enjoyable read!  – Amazon Reviewer 
I absolutely cannot wait for the second one!  – Amazon Reviewer 
The story line and character development are unparalleled.  – Amazon Reviewer 


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It began nearly four hundred years ago. The Conall clan and all their people were murdered in a surprise attack, their beloved castle and all evidence of who destroyed them burned to the ground with their bodies. In the centuries following, archaeologists searched through the ruins looking for any evidence of what or who had caused the untimely demise of such a powerful Scottish clan. All efforts were fruitless, until a spell put in place by an ancient Conall ancestor finally began to work its magic… 

Texas kindergarten teacher, Brielle Montgomery, finds comfort in the mundane routines of her life, but when her archaeologist mother asks her to accompany her on a dig in Scotland, she decides to step out of her comfort zone. Once in Scotland, they discover a secret spell room below the castle ruins, and Bri finds herself transported back in time and suddenly married to the castle’s ill-fated Laird. Now, she must work to change the fate of his people, all while trying to find a way to return to her home and century. But with each passing day, Bri finds herself falling more deeply in love with her new husband. If she can find a spell to bring her home, will she use it? And if she stays, will it ultimately mean her own death as well?

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Spotlight Blog! “Lovely Books” – Author Promotions

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Lovely Books – Author and Book Promotions for Less

Have you ever looked into book promotion? As an author, growing your author platform is a huge deal ñ thatís why we are talking about Lovely Books, a brand new book and author promotion website that charges a lot less ñ for a lot more ñ than other promotional websites.

Lovely Books offers both book promotions and author promotions, and the packages are more comprehensive than those of other promotion websites. Detailed listings, complete with photos, links to all of the authorís social media accounts, and intricate descriptions makes Lovely Books stand apart from the typical copy-paste book promotion websites. They also have a really cool pinboard layout, and when you promote on their site, your listing is easily seen – forever ñ no getting lost in translation on this awesome website.


List Your Kindle Freebie

As with all of the book promotion sites, they give you two options to list your KDP Select freebie: you can submit it for free, or you can make a small donation, only a few bucks, and guarantee your spot. I have never seen a site guarantee a freebie for less than $5, so these guys have gained some respect in my book already!

Promote Your Books

Their Premium Book Promotion package is so comprehensive. It ís not just a cover image and a description ñ it is so much more. The book promotion includes a short author bio, author photo, as well as links to social media, gaining that much more exposure as an author.


Author Spotlight

Lovely Books also offers a great author promotion package ñ complete with photos, an author interview, and links to ALL OF YOUR BOOKS. Along with the social media links, and the fact that your listing is a permanent, easy to find fixture on the site ñ this place is the real deal!

You definitely get what you pay for – and then some – on this new website. You can check it out here:

Spotlight Book! “5 Minute Business” by Mark Middo

“There’s just so much common sense in this book that you’ll be left slapping your forehead and exclaiming to friends, ‘Why didn’t I think of that!’ It’s simply a must read.”
James Tuckerman – Anthill Magazine


You spend the 9-5 building someone else’s dream. Now spend 5 minutes on your own.

Mark Middo is who major brands hire to skyrocket their online sales.

Mark’s secret? Growth Hacking.

Growth Hacking is the practise of taking an unconventional and innovative approach to lighting a fire under the sale of any product online or offline. Find out how Mark growth hacked his way from the 9-5 slog to developing and selling his own online product for a 6-figure sum in under 3 months.

Inside you will discover growth hacking secrets like:

  • Hacks to create and profit from world class brand for $297
  • Hacks to get you a $50,000 website for $137
  • Hacks that get Google to instantly send you “buyers with cash”
  • Hacks to network yourself into the inner circle of any industry
  • Hacks to convert website visitors into consistent cash

Plus … free exclusive access to the 5 Minute Business “Growth Hackers Vault” for life, with video tutorials to guide you every step of the way.

Mark Middo is a Growth Hacker and renowned Freedom & Lifestyle Advocate. Mark has over 10 years experience boosting the online revenues for some of the largest companies in the world like Formula 1, MotoGP and McDonalds.

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Spotlight Book! “Greetings From Above” by K. M. Ryan

Do you ever wonder what your loved ones experience after passing on? Have you considered whether or not they are watching over you from above? This book will give you the insight and comfort you seek.Amazon Reviewer 


Download “Greetings From Above” NOW! 

Love never dies, and “Greetings From Above – Proof of Life after Death” relates 106 true personal short stories of after death communications and personal encounters between deceased loved ones and those left behind. It seeks to provide comfort, healing and hope to people who have lost loved ones to death. 

Death affects every person, religion and culture. Survivors who receive signs from deceased loved ones may not allow themselves to fully recognize that they really are actual signs. They may believe these signs are “all in their heads” and dismiss them. 

The recipients of these proof of afterlife signs are often embarrassed to tell others their experiences or ask people if they, too, have received signs. 

“Greetings From Above – Proof of Life after Death” seeks to provide solace to the grieving, offer reassurance that their loved ones are fine, are still with them and are watching over them while they continue to love them as they did when they were on earth. 

These life after death stories seeks to offer comfort and reassurance to the grieving allowing them to heal, experience peace and move forward with their lives while recognizing that their loved ones are still with them. 

The book aligns with Catholics’ communion of saints, appeals to both spiritual and religious persons, and pertains to the Resurrection, human love and eternal life. 

“Greetings From Above – Proof of Life after Death” is perfect for hospital chaplains, bereavement ministry members, spiritual directors, care givers for the elderly, the terminally ill, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and everyone who has lost a family member or friend through death.


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