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Spotlight Book! “Dream of Atlantis” by P. McAlister

About the Author

P. A. McAlister has enjoyed studying metaphysics, spirituality, & self-help for over 35 years. She has also worked with the elderly for over 20 years. When she is not busy writing, she is creating beautiful handcrafted beaded jewelry which you may check out here: She is a native of New Bedford, Massachusetts, who currently resides in Southern Oregon. She & her husband love to listen to music, eat great food, drink wine, & have weird conversations with their three cats!

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Frustrated romance novelist Lisa Burke meditates with a quartz crystal she has found on a Cape Cod beach, and discovers she can travel repeatedly to a past life in Atlantis. There, she meets Sylor, her true love, and learns she is the reincarnation of his deceased wife, Hollina.

Lisa must soon make a choice; stay in a doomed Atlantis with Sylor, or stay in the present without him. But is any of this real? Is her mind creating a new novel? What does this all have to do with the downfall of Atlantis, and what of the unthinkable mission she is told she must accomplish with her tormented beloved? Is Sylor alive in the present?

Lisa truly fears for her sanity when her friend from childhood comes back into her life. Karen has taught her about meditation, but does not believe what Lisa is telling her about her experiences, making Lisa question everything, including her relationship with Karen. But Lisa does have an ally with Scott, her new friend, who has had an experience of his own. And a long held secret is also finally revealed. Join Lisa as she faces her failed past and learns that anything is possible.


This reader loved it!

I’m not much of a novel reader, not much of a reader at all actually, but if the ideas of time-travel and reincarnation appeal to you, this book is for you. A romantic adventure story about faith, forgiveness, and redemption. Reminds of a cross between the movies Somewhere in Time and Groundhog Day. Travel back to the lost continent of Atlantis and see for yourself. Giddy up!
~ Mike Lemieux, author of Dude, Where’s My Jesus Fish? – Giddy Up Mikey



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Spotlight Book! “The Diadem” by OJ Connell

 The veil that divides the worlds of the living and the dead – a fixture which has largely shielded mankind from the supernatural throughout history – has been known occasionally to diminish. Due to such fluctuations, human beings are sometimes accosted by phantoms and other curious sorts from the shadows…

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Salvador Dobson, a wealthy antique collector, ends up with more than he bargained for after purchasing a rare diadem at auction. While at first he is taken with its stunning beauty, its true nature is soon revealed to him. When he finds a terrifying apparition emerging from the diadem, he calls paranormal investigator Edgar Sullivan to exorcise it.

Sullivan’s initial attempts aren’t successful, however. The spirit possessing the diadem is of a strange and powerful sort, and is unlike anything the investigator has ever encountered. He soon comes to realize that the spirit he seeks to get rid of may be the harbinger of something terrible.

Sullivan and his client are thrust into a battle with a wicked spirit that threatens to spark a spiritual war between the living and the dead. Will Sullivan, stripped of his spiritual techniques, be able to find a way to exorcise the evil apparition and avert disaster?



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Spotlight Book! “The Fishers of Paradise” by Rachael Preston

“unputdownable!” Susie Moloney, author of The Thirteen

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There’s a power to be mined in keeping secrets.
1930. The boathouse community of Cootes Paradise is under siege. The squatters’ colony of shacks that lines the shores of Dundas Marsh stands in the way of a Hamilton politician’s City Beautiful plans. When a handsome drifter settles there, Egypt Fisher and her mother both fall under his spell. No one expects Egypt’s gambling con-man father to return after a six-year absence. But he does and he’s furious. Unhinged by jealousy and a harrowing brush with the local mafia, he reveals an explosive family secret that further strains mother and daughter’s relationship. When Egypt tries to turn the situation to her own advantage, her lies set in motion a series of events with unforeseen consequences.

About the Author
The Fishers of Paradise is Rachael Preston’s third novel. She is the author of criticially acclaimed Tent of Blue and The Wind Seller. Originally from Yorkshire, she now lives in British Columbia, Canada.



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Spotlight Book! “Dark Water” by Chynna Laird

“Dark Water is a riveting story of parental loss and a young girl’s journey to find justice for her mother’s death with the help of a boy who becomes more than her childhood friend. I didn’t want this to end.” —Sharon Sala, author of Lunatic Revenge

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Some answers are found far beneath the surface…

Sixteen-year-old Freesia Worth has a mystery to solve—the disappearance of her mother at their family lake house. Her traumatized sister Sage hasn’t said a word ever since that day.

After almost a year, Detective Barry Cuaco has found nothing but frustrating dead ends. Soon he’ll have to let the case go. But Freesia isn’t making it easy for him. She needs answers. Now.

With the help of her secret crush, Rick, and a mysterious Goth girl named Mizu, Freesia learns about an ancient Native legend and a man known as the Watcher of the Lake.

Will Freesia finally uncover the truth? Or will the lake keep its secrets far beneath the dark water?

Editorial Reviews:

“Dark Water is a riveting story of parental loss and a young girl’s journey to find justice for her mother’s death with the help of a boy who becomes more than her childhood friend. I didn’t want this to end.” —Sharon Sala, author of Lunatic Revenge

“Dark Water is a brilliant and original story for readers of all ages that will touch every corner of your heart, mind and soul.” —Charlotte Blackwell, author of The Embrace series.

“A ghost story that combines elements of mystery, suspense, and the stirrings of young love, Dark Water will send a delicious shiver up your spine.” —S.G. Rogers, author of The Last Great Wizard of Yden

“Chynna tells a suspenseful, nightmarish, haunting tale while like a master seamstress, she weaves real insight throughout the story into the world of war, mental health and special needs. This one will be with me for a long time.” —Doreen McGettigan, author of Bristol boyz Stomp


This reader loved it!


This is a story about a mother that went missing and a daughter that was determined to find out what happened to her.
Very well written and a very enjoyable story to read. I could not put it down once i started reading it. I would highly recommend this book to all readers.
I will be looking for more from this author. Thank you Chynna for being so good at what you do.  – Gail Holland


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Spotlight Book! “Visits From Beyond: True Stories of After Death Encounters” by C.A. Starfire

Do you like Paranormal Stories? Well then don’t miss this spotlight book!


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An inspiring collection of true after death encounters ranging from poignant to funny to heartwarming. Submitted by ordinary people who experienced something extraordinary, they remind us that we’re more than our physical bodies and that our loved ones still love us after death.


This Reviewer would recommend it!

 C. A. Starfire has captured and compiled several life after death encounters where the author’s of each story offer comfort and hope where there was none before. If you’ve lost a loved one, or are coming to grips with the death of a pet, or other loved one, this book will open your eyes to another reality. Compelling and rich, this compilation of stories of life beyond death encounters will grab the reader!

True accounts, experienced by a variety of people from all walks of life, are shared here with eloquent and gripping sincerity. These stories, each telling a different tale, are filled with a deep and abiding love for each of the family members who experienced them. Whether their stories are about beloved pets, children that have passed on, or significant others who have shared their love across space and time, each story held me captivated with the author’s sincerity and honesty in regards to remaining true to the people who have shared their stories with her. I loved this little book. It’s an excellent read for anyone who believes in life after death, has had an experience themselves, or is a seeker on the Path. A message of hope from beyond, thank you C. A. for sharing these gems!

Janet Carpenter


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Spotlight Book! “After These Messages” by Holly Hook

Want to enjoy a quick, fun story this Saturday? Here you go!

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What would happen if the world suddenly turned into a giant commercial break? Unfortunately, Jade is about to find out, thanks to her little brother’s stupid wish.

Now, not only must she face stupid ads coming to life around her every minute of the day. She’s also being stalked by the most terrifying one of all: the creepy, ever-smiling Burger Planet mascot!

If Jade is unable to face him, she risks losing everyone she cares about to thirty-second slots forever.

*This is a novella at about 23,000 words long. It’s not too serious.*



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Spotlight Book! “Cydni Hazard, Empathic Detective” by L.S. Hullinger

Have a preteen? Still a preteen at heart? You won’t want to miss this Spotlight Book!

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Twelve-year-old Cydni Hazard wants two things in life: to be able to use her empathic abilities to connect with her deceased mother, and to become a professional paranormal detective. In order to get what she wants, she feels she must learn as much as possible from her spiritually gifted Aunt Ettie, all the while keeping her supernatural talents hidden from her skeptical father.
But no matter where Cydni goes, the spirit world hunts her down, and brings stray cats with mystical messages that she must decipher to keep her life on a somewhat normal keel.
That’s not easy when her empathic nature leads her into unfamiliar territory and behavior. She never knows where she’ll be going, what she’ll be doing and who will be influencing her, guiding her to unravel the latest paranormal mystery.
So when she spends a week at Aunt Ettie’s new house and learns the small town of Blue Star claims to have a haunted pond, Cydni is spiritually led to discover the truth.

This reader gave it a glowing review!

Cydni Hazard, Empathic Detective is a novel geared toward the middle-grade age group, roughly ages 9-12. It touches on topics of being different, something I am sure any preteen could relate to and embrace and understand.

The story was well written and the characteristics were realistic. As a parent, I could easily picture Cydni as someone that my 9 year old could relate to and understand.

While using the realm of the supernatural, the author touches on topics of being different and growing up, though through veiled references. We watch the character use her abilities to help a new friend, a boy that she does not know how she feels about. I was instantly transported to my own 12th year, remembering the awkwardness of meeting new people and being different, although my being different was nothing like what Cydni has. I really do not know what else to say, except that I got this kind of warm and fuzzy feeling that one would hope to find in a story geared to this age group.

I overall felt the story was well written and enjoyable. I cannot wait until my daughter gets a little older to share this story with her! – destinyisntfree


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Spotlight Book! “The Junk Picker” by Jan F. Drewniak and Don Drewniak

There is just *something* about the story behind this book, isn’t there? I can’t be the only one who feels it!

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When I was in my mid-teens during the late 1950s, I would often see my father, Jan F. Drewniak, sitting at a desk late into the night in our house in Fall River, Massachusetts. On the desk was a collection of pens and pencils, stacks of writing paper and what looked to be two battered books. He alternated between writing furiously, pouring through the two “books” and occasionally sitting for long stretches with his eyes closed. I vividly remember one time when tears were streaming down his cheeks. It was the only time I ever saw him cry.What I did not realize was that he was writing about his experiences first in Brooklyn, New York, and then in the Berkshires during the Great Depression. Unfortunately, I was too absorbed in high school life to have bothered to ask him what he was writing. Upon completion, the writings were put aside for over thirty years.Several days prior to his death in 1991, he handed me a small, sealed cardboard box and requested that I not open it until he had passed away. I honored the request. When I finally opened the box, I found an envelope with the following written on it, “Please do not open this until you have read the enclosed.” Over eight hundred handwritten pages were piled under envelope.

Once I began reading I realized that I was reading a manuscript – the manuscript that had to be the product of all the nights he had spent at his desk four decades earlier. I was stunned and amazed as I turned from page to page. The reading introduced me to a father I had never known.

This reader recommends it wholeheartedly!
I was about to stop reading the book early into chapter six, but decided to continue on a bit further. By the end of the chapter, I was hooked. From late through that chapter to the end of the book, I laughed as much as I have with any of the books I’ve read over the years. Again, funny stuff.   –  Wilson2

Spotlight Book! “Dark Waters” By Dayna Pearce and Gayle Miller

Not sure “what to read next”? Well, look no further!

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Dark Waters (volume one) is the first book in the science fiction and fantasy series Dark Waters. It tells the story of Malichi, a man forged in the heat of battle, who is on a quest for justice. Malichi travels across ancient lands with his loyal sidekick Xavier by his side battling a nightmarish, blood thirsty race of shape shifters known as Amalyians. They have dark, stretched leathery skin, razor sharp teeth, long lethal talons and a barbed tail making them the perfect predator. Amongst the Amalyians is one so vile that he cannot rest until he brings her to justice. His justice. While Malichi tries to bring peace to their world, the Amalyians plot against him. Will Malichi get justice and restore peace or will the Amalyians defeat him?

This reader loved it!

Excellent story. A fantasy world to dive into and camp out in for awhile. Once you start reading, prepare to be sucked in for the duration of the story. Definite must read.   – Meagan E. Thompson

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Spotlight Book! “Plateau: Beyond the Trees, Beyond 2012” by Tina Frisco

Don’t miss this spotlight book – or you will be mad you did!

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W’Hyani was born strong, willful, and the predestined Keeper of the Crystal Heart, the key to unlocking the mystery of the Great Mosaic of Life. Unaware of the shard’s significance, W’Hyani’s fortitude begins being tested by the cosmic forces that sculpted her destiny. She ultimately comes face-to-face with herself in a battle that would shrink the will of even the most intrepid warrior, unaware that the realization of her destiny will irrevocably impact all beings on earth and beyond. The Great Mosaic of Life holds a message of hope that would allow us to see and live beyond the year 2012.


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