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Spotlight Book! “Hammer Of The Gods” by Mike Perry

A combat packed page turner with an totally unsuspecting ending that’ll blow you away!!!  – C. Perry

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The Tides of war are shifting against Germany. For the last great armored offensive…indeed the largest in history, a myth obsessed Adolf Hitler has bestowed the nickname Hammer Of The Gods on one of Germany’s most powerful tanks…The Tiger. He believes it will be the one that shall lead his most destructive force to victory over their dreaded enemy, Russia.
As his personal banner flies over it, inside the tank rides the best crew and a decorated commander determined to restore his reputation as they fight off the hordes of enemy determined to destroy it for Josef Stalin.
Accept the invitation to come along for the journey as the characters interact with actual figures and timelines and endure with them the sights and emotions amid the Hell and carnage of total war…With an unsuspecting ending destined to leave you as battle scarred and fighting for survival as they…

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Spotlight Book! “Kindling” by Stephen Livingston

“ Choose Your Future – written in the very difficult 2nd person POV, this is a wonderfully evocative short. ”– K. Sozaeva

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Winner of the Canongate Prize for New Writing, the EndPapers Tales Series Prize, and the ePublishing Consortium Writers Award.

“These are some particularly wonderful short stories!”

“Ingenious, creative and a really fun read.”

Kindling – a collection of twelve tales by award-winning short story author Stephen Livingston. Written in a wide range of styles and covering a variety of themes from art, science and politics to metamorphosis, madness and murder.

“Strikingly original.”

“The writer has a good ear for rhythm of speech.”

If you enjoy reading short stories, then Kindling is for you!

This reader enjoyed it!

This collection of short stories was a lovely surprise. I wasn’t drawn by the cover, serendipity led me to download it. I took a quick look at the first short story, as I usually do, to get an idea of the writing style. I read the first page, and continued on. The writing is wonderful– I mean really good! It flows effortlessly. Each short story is very different, the approach, narrative, and cadence of the passages too. I thought they all worked equally well. Among my favourites: the delightfully surreal ‘The Adventures of Freddie the Moth’, the very funny ‘The Waster’s Tale’, and the beautifully chilling ‘The Tell-Tale Trunk’. –  Georgina Anne Taylor

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Spotlight Book! “Red’s Robin” by Riley Steel


Nicola Ormorod, aka Riley Steel, aka Vamptisypublishing/Karabeth wears many hats and the art of telling a good story is one of them. Whether you care for Vampires or not, RED’s ROBIN, the first in the “Vampire Memoirs” series draws the reader in, with well thought out dialogue and solidly placed descriptions balanced neatly with characters whom you get to know intimatley. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.   – Shebat Legion

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18+ Due to Adult content

Robin is a rather self absorbed model. On a night out she bumps into Red, a vampire. One unholy and lustfully fantastic night later she finds herself a member of the undead. Having shied away all her life from love she now has to adjust to the fact that she and Red are soul mates. But something appears to be amiss with Robin, she doesn’t like human blood.
She is a Santorian, a special breed of vampire thought to be extinct. As she matures she will become indestructible, impervious to sunlight and to accomplish this she must survive on the blood of other vampires.
When a vicious rival vampire pack kidnaps Red it falls solely on her hands to use her newly tuned senses to seek him out and she must battle her way through the entire vampire pack to get to him.

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Spotlight Book! “SCARY BOYS” by Sean Thomas Fisher

anyone that likes Stephen King’s books with the young boys as heros will love this book. it’s funny, scary and nerve wracking. lol in a GOOD way. i really really really enjoyed reading this one! AND it is all set up for another one. great!!! 😀 – ferri

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Gavin and his friends have a strange hobby of investigating abandoned houses for paranormal activity. When you’re twelve, what else are you supposed to do for free? But when a strange family comes home during one investigation it will change their lives forever. Suddenly, Gavin has a pretty good idea why his small hometown has the highest per capita murder rate in the nation. It’s up to him and his friends to save the ones they love the most and the ones they’ve never even met. Unfortunately, these ghosts are determined to hold up their end of the bargain and will stop at nothing to walk the Earth for all of eternity.

SCARY BOYS is 62,000 words and contains violence and adult language. Not for children. May cause paranoia and heart palpitations.

This reader would recommend it to a friend!

Gavin and Randy are brothers, and Gavin’s friends Scotty, Steve and Pincher set out to explore an old abandoned farm house, Gavin taking his iPhone along to use the video feature. They are not disappointed. The house seems frozen in time. Without giving too much away, the boys are put through all sorts of challenges, from battling a ghost family with an evil plot to bring as many souls to the dark side as possible, to their divorced mothers about to be evicted – girls, bullies, and a serial killer. I enjoyed the book, especially the end, which was surprising and interesting. ps beautiful cover.  – Karen Massari





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Spotlight Book! “The Self Publishing Toolkit” by Daphne Dangerlove

Publish. Promote.Profit.


Everything You Need to Publish a Book on Amazon is in the Self Publishing Toolkit

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Anyone can publish an ebook for free these days.
The real question is: How do you set your book apart from all the rest?
The answer: The Self-Publishing Toolkit.
The Self Publishing Toolkit is your personal publishing guide; taking you from publication through promotion and ultimately to profit. No stone has been left unturned.  This book was specifically designed with fiction writers in mind—so if you’d rather write than promote, this is the book for you.
You get step by stepinstructions for:

  • Creating a Personal Promo Kit (This is a major time saver.)
  • Formatting Your Book for Publication
  • The Entire Publication Process (with tips to make it easier)
  • Building your website (Even if you are non-technical to the extreme.)
  • Setting up your Blog
  • Running a successful KDP Select Promotion (Checklists included!)

For a complete Table of Contents, click just click the book cover at the top left of the page to “look inside.”
Take the Stress Out of Self Publishing an eBook
The Self Publishing Toolkit targets every task you need to accomplish, breaking them down into easy to follow steps with companion Worksheets and Checklists.
Consider it your one-stop shop for understanding:

  • Keyword research for fiction writers
  • SEO and how to make it work for you.
  • Amazon categories
  • The formula for a great book blurb
  • Why you need an email list and what to with it once you have it


It really helped this writer!
This book was really helpful in terms of actually figuring out what I had to do to get my book out there. Every single step is clearly explained from what to do, when to do it and where to do it. The author covers a wide range of topics, including how to write your bio and book blurb, how to set up a website and blog, and how to run successful promotions. Social Media is covered in depth as well. This is a ‘how you can do it’ book versus a ‘how I did it’ book.I thought the workbook is an especially valuable addition to the book. Using it has really motivated me to get going on the publication process and now I can’t wait to get my book up for sale! Overall this book is a major time saver, so if you’d rather write than spend your time on publication and promotional tasks, I highly recommend this book.  Sam

Spotlight Book! “Mr. Olcott’s Skies: An Old Book and a Youthful Obsession” by Thomas Watson

We were all young once upon a time, and in our youth found something special that captured our hearts and minds. This is a story of one such experience.  – Thomas Watson

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A passion for star-gazing often starts in a modest way, with a small telescope. For some, that modest beginning becomes a theme that resonates through a lifetime. Mr. Olcott’s Skies is the story of one such beginning, and of how a small telescope and an old book set the author on a long and often indirect road to the stars. It’s the tale of a journey that has only just begun, and of the discovery that you really do need to look back the way you’ve come, to understand where you are.


This reader gave it five stars!

To understand where we are, we must understand where we’ve been. This is the message I took from Thomas Watson’s “Mr. Olcott’s Skies.” If you’re looking for a tome on the technical parts of telescopes, or a description of what’s up in the skies, this is not it.

But if you’re interested in how we become what we are, this is an exceptional book. Watson describes his early interest in astronomy and the encouragement he received from his family. He describes the hunt for books on astronomy and how he found William Olcott’s “A Field Book of the Stars” at his local library. Unable to check the book out, he painstakingly copies some of the charts and maps to aid him in his exploration of the night sky.

Through the years Watson steps in and out of amateur astronomy while keeping the close connection he had to his early observing days. The connection remained very strong. This is what makes it a good book and why I gave it 5 stars. Even though this is about a man’s interest in amateur astronomy, the story ought to resonate with anyone. Anyone who develops an early interest in anything, and maintains a lifelong interest will identify.

In some ways the story comes full circle. Watson ends up where he begins, looking anew at Olcott’s guide as an older adult. In doing so he comes to understand how he became the man that he is – a writer and amateur astronomer. But the story could apply to a carpenter, seamstress or rocket engineer.    – Thomas G. Nicolaides

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Spotlight Book! “Learning to Fly” by Rachel Elizabeth Cole

Start your week off right with this wonderful collection of short stories!

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This collection combines five of Rachel Elizabeth Cole’s touching short stories. In “Fallen Leaves,” a woman must come to terms with the bad blood between her dead husband’s grandmother and herself. In “Listen to the Rain,” a young couple going through a rough patch struggles to find happiness. In “Caring For Lily,” a young mother wrestles with her decision to return to work. In “For Good or For Bad,” a disatisfied wife must decide if she’ll risk everything for her ex-boyfriend. In “Is This Seat Taken?,” two strangers connect briefly in a bus station. Heartfelt, bittersweet, and poignant, these short stories explore the moments where we spread our fledgling wings, take that leap, and learn to fly.

Spotlight Book! “Death’s Ride” by Derek Odom

I found the concept of this story very intriguing. I’ve been a fan of Derek’s work for a few years so I knew the story wouldn’t disappoint, and it didn’t.

The struggle the main character faces is a hard one. Makes us all wonder which we would chose. Life or death.   – Angel Sharum

Harris finds himself faced with a choice that could save his life – or end it. When a mysterious man makes a deal with him in order to acquire a hot rod, Harris embarks on a fast-paced interstate adventure, and time isn’t the only thing not on his side.

Spotlight Book! “The Space Between” by Scott J. Robinson

“ The author weaves words together beautifully, and the worlds he creates are fascinating. ”  – G. Cox

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Kim almost runs over Robin Hood in her car. ‘Sir Doug’ hits on her. She’s stalked by an elf and a dwarf. Things couldn’t get much worse.

Well, that’s what she thought until the aliens attacked.

And that’s just the start of the problems. When various governments start annoying her in all sorts of different ways she decides that it’s up to her to end the war. But when she doesn’t know what the enemy want, or why they want it, all she can do is do what she thinks is best, even if others don’t agree. A bad attitude, a stubborn streak and a wonder bra are her only weapons and, for once, they may not be enough.

The Space Between is the first volume in a 4 book series. It draws on myths and legends of ancient Earth, weaving a tale that moves from Sherwood Forest to distant worlds and outer space. It involves, amongst other things, magical gateways, Area 51, Sherwood Forest, sentient spacecraft, a 50 thousand year old intergalactic war, Machu Picchu and strong coffee.

This reader loved it!
I’ve read this one and the next two in the series and Scott does a wonderful job of mixing story elements. The story combines pure fantasy and pure science fiction in a way that really fits together. I’m anxiously waiting for the next book in the series!  – Forest Lee Bell

Spotlight Book! “CHASM” by David Felder

“  Interesting character development and crisp dialogue. ”

– Bookreader55

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Michael Potter wasn’t born bad. If he lacked faith, it was because there was no one to teach it to him. As the child inexorably grew into a monster, an unsuspecting world became his playground.

In the near future in Flagstaff, Arizona, a peaceful Sunday afternoon for the Franklins is interrupted by a phone call. Jerry has to go to work to fix a problem with a cargo rocket, scheduled for launch that evening. Jerry’s wife Sheryl complains to no avail, while his son Dustin is disappointed to lose dad for the day.

At a rundown diner on the Arizona highway, a lonely waitress entices a handsome stranger, Michael Potter, to a nearby spot in the desert: a rarely used missile launch area. She doesn’t suspect that Potter is a dangerous sociopath.

At the launch site, Jerry solves the technical problem affecting the countdown. In the dark, he doesn’t see the stranger sneaking up behind him. Potter attacks, they fight and the unconscious Jerry is locked in the cargo rocket as it is launched into space.

Potter steals Jerry’s jeep and finds a picture of Sheryl in the glove box. She reminds him of his first love, and Potter decides he must find and possess Sheryl at any cost.

Jerry, assumed dead by his family and coworkers, wakes up in the cargo rocket and wonders if he can survive. Meanwhile, Sheryl must help her son Dustin accept the death of his father. Battling her own fears and doubts, she needs to fill both a mother and father role for him.

Potter moves nearer to Sheryl, who he now refers to as his “Angel.” Taking a job at a gas station, through a combination of earnings and stealing, he saves up the money he will need for his twisted plan to court her. It’s not long until Sheryl is at the supermarket where she meets Michael Potter. He has been planning this encounter a long time as part of an elaborate plot to possess her.

After weeks of stalking Sheryl, Potter realizes that her son is going to interfere with his attempts to possess her, and decides he must kill the boy. Examining the contents of the latest trash bag taken from Sheryl’s yard, Potter finds a hand written message: “Vacation, Grand Canyon Nov 1 – Nov 9.”

Potter imagines the possibilities. A little kid, if he wasn’t careful, could fall off a cliff. If that happened, he, Potter, would be there to provide loving support and physical relief to the grieving mother.

CHASM is a psychological thriller that would appeal to fans of Michael Crichton or Arthur C. Clarke. A little sci-fi, a lot of character and story, wrapped up in a fast-moving narrative that draws you in.


This reader gave it 5 stars!

I really enjoyed this book. Reading about living in space for months under the circumstances written was fascinating. One would wonder whether this could really be acomplished by a human being. The subplot regarding the main character’s family was exciting and kept me reading. I found the thoughts of the author on the subject of life and death interesting as well. I would recommend this book.   –  Sandy

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