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Spotlight Book! “Resolution” by John Blackport

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Rick Rivoire used to love the army.

But now he and three other Rainguns are assigned to guard a Duke’s mining camp. The Baron in charge is cruel to the workers. Rick’s long dreamed of rebellion. Perhaps now is the time!

Then the camp is attacked by Lucan, an ambitious necromancer eager to turn the defenseless slaves into undead minions. Rick’s duty commands him to delay the chaos of rebellion, until he sees Lucan crushed.

Rick must aid other forces opposing Lucan: kind but brutish ogres, led by humans in war paint with tomahawks. How can he gain their trust?

In a town under siege, he meets the endearing Anya. Is she as innocent as she appears? Or is she a dangerous pawn?

This is the second book of The Raingun Chronicles. This book contains graphic violence and explicit sex. It is intended for adults only.

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Spotlight Book! “Her Name is Grace” by Shidorr Myrick-Gayer

“The author’s way of bringing the reader to the world that she had envisioned was fantastic.”     – G. May Auguste

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Brooke is a guilt-stricken, battered woman who finds out she is pregnant. For the sake of her unborn child, she tries to change her outlook on life, but she is murdered before she gets the chance.
The angel planet, Mahlai, is a place where certain children who die on Earth are taken to be trained as guardian angels, since new angels are no longer being created.
Unbeknownst to Brooke, her unborn child, Grace, will be a very special child.
Grace’s daily agenda consists primarily of guardian training with her fellow trainee and best friend, Max. However, during off hours, Grace and Max explore the planet and often find themselves in forbidden areas. It is on one of these adventures that Grace discovers the power of the Well, which is a portal that the angels of Mahlai use to watch after the people of Earth. Through the Well’s power, Grace falls in love with a boy on Earth named Sam. She becomes obsessed with discovering a way to leave Mahlai to be with her Earthly crush.
Torn between the obligation of the world she lives in and the longing to be in the world where Sam lives, everything Grace has worked for will be put to the test as she chooses between what she was trained to do and what her heart tells her she must do if she wants to achieve the happiness she is destined to attain.

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Spotlight Book! “The Killing Angel” by Simon Parker

This Spotlight Book is just in time for Halloween!

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Steve Winters in a disturbed young man who has reached his breaking point. His mothers venemous spirit taunts him, women find him creepy and colleagues think he’s plain weird. He retreats into his own world and he discovers his new calling. God wants him to do something for him but someone else has other plans!

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Spotlight Book! “Pain’s Joke” by Chuck Hunter

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Jonas Pike is a twelve year old boy who was born with a facial disfigurement. He befriends an old, fallen-from-grace preacher who just needs someone to believe in him. Their friendship is threatened, however, when the boy’s mother, Dolores, finds out he is the same preacher who swindled her parents out of their life savings. Matters are complicated even further when Paul Jenkins, the boy’s drunken step-father, suspects Dolores of having an affair with the old man, and he vows revenge. A tragedy about forgiveness and faith, accusation and doubt, the mundane and the miraculous, Pain’s Joke examines the lives of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.

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Spotlight Book! “Barbara Reilly” by Carl Grimsman

This story was full of the things you would want in a story whether young or old. It had mystery, mystic, villains and heroes. Mr. Grimsman’s setting was so discriptive you felt you were there. I got goose bumps when I read it, I am looking forward to his next book.   – dshira

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Indian arrowheads have been turning up in the fields since before Grampa’s time, but no one imagined the secret that would reveal itself to Barbara.

In the summer of 1948, Barbara Reilly discovers something truly magical in the woods of her parents’ farm. Her stunning encounter calls her to make decisions that defy the wishes of others. Events set into motion invite a dark invasion to the wholesome upstate New York family.

As danger descends, Barbara is the only one fully aware. What sort of power can a thirteen-year-old girl summon, to stand up to the threat? What help can she hope to muster, through her connection to another girl, from the distant past, who lived and struggled on the same land?

BARBARA REILLY is a historical fantasy woven with mystery and courage.

For age 12 and up.

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Spotlight Book! “Fragments” by Morgan Gallagher

I definitely recommend this book! Awesome stories that will keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat. – J. C. Johnson

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Broken lives and shattered dreams.Two horror short stories: one occult thriller novella. (45, 250 words)Sleet Dreams
Maggie can just about survive the winter when it turns the city into a trap of ice and snow. She can juggle her pension, scrimp and scrape, make every penny stretch. Every winter she swears she’ll make it to the south next year. South to where winters are gentle and snow never touches the land, to where the wind will never bite into her bones. This winter all Maggie is dreaming of is a warm coat and a better pair of boots. Maggie finds a fur coat one day, a fine fur coat that keeps her warm, keeps out the winter. But dreams are sometimes nightmares and not all wishes should come true. (11,600 words)
Alma Mater
Alma is a perfect mother. She knows how to raise a child. Her daughter Catherine will be perfect in every way. Alma will make sure of it. No clingy brat ruling the house with her cries and tricks. No fuss, bother or disturbance. No demands from a greedy baby or sulks from a temper driven toddler. Order and routine from day one will ensure that as Catherine grows, hair will always be neat and homework will always be done. Catherine will know how to behave and what to do and what to say and she will be thin, beautiful, gifted and obedient, and any mother would be proud to have such a daughter. That things may not go to plan never occurs to Alma. Just as it never occurs to her that sometimes you can do a job too well. (6,850 words)
The Fool
When the body of a young man is found on the altar of the Mother of All Sorrows Church in Peckham, London, the Catholic Church does everything it can to help Scotland Yard in the investigation. It sends an independent investigator from the Office of the Congregation of the Arcane to assist. Maryam Michael isn’t happy, however, with it being London and she’s unhappy that the parish priest she’s supposed to be helping is fast becoming the main suspect. The Vatican is not going to be happy with what was hidden under the body: and neither is the local Mosque. Maryam only has a couple of days to solve the riddle of why this young man died on the altar, and if the supernatural is involved. Can she solve the murder fast enough to prevent Father Wyn Jones being charged? Is it straightforward gang violence, or are there occult forces attacking the Church? (26,800 words)
The Fool is the first story in the Maryam Michael Mysteries series and the second chapter, The Magician, will be out next year.

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Spotlight Book! “Colour of Lemon” by Geoff Howe

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Is this the last black secret of World War Two? A surrender document is on its way to London. Prime Minister Churchill hires an ex-Blackshirt and gangster to stop his wavering ministers from signing. Or is it a feint to distract attention from a Nazi-inspired uprising in Wales?
Jimmy Sowerbutt has plenty on his hands, running a lucrative black market operation in east London. Now the clock is ticking to get hold of the peace treaty and find the Welsh ringleaders as the Germans stand ready to invade.
Tiny beads of blood stood out as milestones along the hair’s-breadth trail across the white throat as the ex-Blackshirt begins work with his trusty knife … read on.

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Spotlight Book! “The Disappearance of Douglas White” by MaryJo Dawson

Mary Jo Dawson is an excellent story teller and I love her style. Her blend of mystery, intrigue and humor keeps the reader riveted from cover to cover. Her attention to detail gives the reader a sense of being in the midst of the action and lends considerable credibility to the characters. I highly recommend this or any of Mary Jo Dawson’s books – I think they’d make great movies.   –  B. Weurding

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Sally Nimitz is in the middle of a family crisis when a local police detective turns up at her front door. David White and Sally are not strangers. She was the delivery nurse when his wife had a baby, and he was in charge of the investigation of the murder of Sally’s neighbor, Amelia Marsh. Now Detective White has a personal request. Would Sally use the observation and deduction skills she displayed before to help find his missing brother? Has David White, a successful and respected widower, deliberately disappeared?
Her friends—and fellow amateur sleuths—George Thomas and Anne Carey, are only too happy to once again give her a hand and soon, they find themselves far from home in a very precarious situation.

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Spotlight Book! “The Unconventional Life of Jenna Jaghe” by Victoria Ward

The Unconventional Life of Jenna Jaghe is great fun. Jenna finds herself dumped by her boy friend and pregnant. Another girl might have broken out the hankies and cried through the next nine months, but not Jenna. She bucks up and, with help from her friends and despite her mother’s best intentions, soldiers on. We follow Jenna through her diary entries, which are funny, poignent, and keenly observant of herself and the changes pregnancy brings. Highly recommended.   – Isobel DuSharm

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Jenna Jaghe has a degree in philosophy. However, when it comes to her career she finds herself buying into the wedding business and taking over her aunt’s wedding boutique. She finds herself living with a guy who does not hold the same values about fidelity as her and her late father held and in the space of one fateful Friday she finds herself, single, heartbroken, pregnant and alone.

What ensues is a hilarious tale ranging from brides to beastiality, to being caught off guard wearing a ‘Borat’ style leotard in her wedding boutique to getting caught in a compromising position by the window cleaner and everything in between. Jenna starts off wondering how the hell she will cope, especially with a crazy mother like hers, as she had never really fancied becoming a mother that much, to a woman who buys a ‘real life’ baby doll to prepare her for impending motherhood. This story takes you from finding out she is alone and pregnant, right up to giving birth and all the crazy hormones in between. This diary account will make you physically cringe for her. Jenna Jaghe would ideally be suited for a part in the office with David Brent!

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Spotlight Book! “Sea Change” by P.W. Fox

I literally couldn’t put the tale down until the end. A must read for everyone, but particularly those who like magic and fantasy spun into their tales.Vincent

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In this fantasy novella, a young bride-to-be, betrayed by her fiance, escapes her captors and makes use of ancestral lore to change her dismal fate and seek revenge. By invoking the ancient powers, she becomes, in fact, the son her father never had. But she has only two weeks, until the time of the new moon, to get back to her home country and confront her betrayer before the spell ends and she becomes a woman again.

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