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Spotlight Book! “Pass the Hot Stuff” by Dana Page

Pass the Hot Stuff is a fun story about life, love and lessons that we can all enjoy! Dana Page is on her way to well deserved notariety with such passion and humor. Can’t wait till the next book! Way to go Dana Page!!wee

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The safe guy or the sexy guy? The answer is always…Pass the Hot Stuff Blythe Townsend is a belle who is in desperate need of having her chimes rung. But the man she is dating would have to get his head out of his briefs – his legal briefs – long enough to notice. She is a frustrated romantic obsessed with Turner Classic Movies. She lives in the French Quarter with her dog, Lady Marmalade, and is determined not to go sour on love even though she has dated every nutcase along the Mississippi Delta. Now, she is trying her best to make it work with her deadly dull boyfriend. Blythe accepts him – boring business dinners and all. There’s always steak, but never any sizzle. There’s only so much a libido can take; and when she repeatedly spots a man around town she christens Tall, Dark and Eye Candy, she starts to feel what she’s been missing. So, what’s stopping her from tasting something a little… sweeter? She refuses to be hurt again, and this sexy New Orleans guy has all of the trappings to do just that. Blythe will have to find her inner big-shouldered broad to deal with the craziness in her life; and she has a group of hilarious, mouthy women helping her sort through the crazy. Their story is a sultry dance to Delta blues and soulful jazz that drifts the reader into the romance of New Orleans. So, sit down at the kitchen table and pour yourself a drink – we’re gonna pass the hot stuff.

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Spotlight Book! “Starblood” by Carmilla Voiez

“ The Author creates a vivid world of characters that come alive as you walk beside them into their Goth world full of love, hate, eroticism and magic. ”

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In a seedy Goth club, a beautiful woman dances, waiting to be set free. Along an unlit street, another woman stumbles, fleeing her pursuer. In a darkened room, a man speaks to demons.

Lust, obsession, terror and humiliation storm into the lives of Star and Satori, proving the age-old maxim – be careful what you wish for.
Starblood, the debut novel by Carmilla Voiez, is a tale of magic and horror.

Blinded by love, Satori, a young magician, attempts a spell that goes horribly wrong, resulting in the demon Lilith returning to Earth. Satori knows he must send Lilith back. The dark goddess brimming with power makes it her mission to wreak havoc on Satori’s life by ensnaring Star, the woman he loves, and her friends in a web of chaos and deceit.

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Spotlight Book! “Prodigal Son” by Michelle Day

This book is awesome….as you are reading it you can imagine what the characters look like …..I didn’t want it to end…… ends with you wanting more…..Please hurry with Book 2!!!  –   Vicki

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MICHAEL JENSEN knows from the second MONICA PALOMA challenges him at the summer ball that he has to have her. Tall, handsome blond haired and blue eyed only child and heir to the Jensen fortune, he is used to getting what he wants by any means possible and is as shocked when she resists his usual tried and tested methods as he is to his actual attraction to her. He tended to be attracted to stick thin blond haired, blue eyed girls with the intent of keeping the Jensen gene pool alive and kicking when the time came to breed. Monica’s dark eyes, hair and curvaceous figure captured his imagination and wetted his appetite. His sights set firmly on her; he wouldn’t stop until she wore his wedding ring and took his last name.Of Spanish decent, Monica lives at home with her parents and older brother. Strong willed but kind and loving, she detests the way her classmate Michael Jensen treats women as if they were mere playthings put on this earth solely for his amusement and is appalled that she finds herself attracted to him, even more startling had been the glint in his eyes when she stood up to him, looked him squarely in the eyes whilst putting him firmly in his place. While his efforts to capture her attention after the ball amused her, she steeled herself against the thoughtful gifts that arrived on her doorstep with regularity, if he wanted her as much as he professed, he’d damn well have to work harder to get her.By the end of the following summer, the unlikely pair are married and expecting their first child. TESSA JENSEN is born, the apple of her father’s eye if only for the fact that her appearance made her every bit a Jensen. Michael proved himself an attentive husband and father, surprising both his parents and hers with his loving manner towards his wife and daughter.Two and a half years on after a difficult pregnancy which put her on bed rest, Monica gave birth to twin boys MATTHEW and PAUL. Both boys were healthy, taking characteristics and colouring from each parent. Although Michael was in raptures that he now had sons and professed his love for his wife and the beautiful, blond haired baby that was Matthew, his joy soon turned sour when he turned his attention to the younger of the twins. Having taken on his mothers’ colouring of olive skin and dark hair, Paul was nothing like the son Michael had expected his wife to produce, his dislike for the darker baby only heightened by the fact that he would squall each and every time Michael approached his crib. It was only a matter of hours after the birth that Michael announced his rejection of the child based solely on the fact that he wasn’t a true Jensen due to his colouring. After only four years of marriage, where his children were concerned Michael returned to being the stubborn, hard headed man he had been at school and Monica knew she had a battle on her hands.She didn’t count on the battle being a lifelong thing for as Paul grew he began to exhibit her own stubborn nature and would challenge his father at every available instance leading to violent clashes between the pair. Monica guided her children through their childhood and was proud of them as they progressed into adulthood. All three showed kind and thoughtful tendencies and although Tessa had given her relatively few problems, her sons Matthew and Paul more than made up for it. Her sons were stunning in appearance and used their looks to their full advantage with Matthew being the more subtle of the two, she only ever got to hear of Paul’s exploits which would put him directly in the firing line of his father’s temper.Not one to back down and severely lacking the skills to bring his better judgement into play, Paul used the legendary Jensen temper to full advantage against the man he considered his sperm donor and would proceed to do things that put him firmly in the public’s eye. His affair with his teacher and the subsequent pregnancy was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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Spotlight Book! “The Wild Heart” by Gina Rossi

What a lovely story. It’s an easy reading, feel good, romantic novel, with unpredictable twists and turns. Just loved it!  –  Liesel

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Georgina Blake flees a refined life in eighteenth century England to avoid a scandal. Determined to begin a new life, she voyages to the Cape of Good Hope, only to find death and destruction await, endangering those she holds dear.
Though she is intrigued by stranger, Anton Villion, trader, adventurer and maverick, his arrival threatens her precarious security. Anton, himself privy to a painful secret, shadowed by heartbreak and seeking peace, is drawn to Georgina despite his hurt and mistrust, and his reservations about her history.

In time, their growing love is thwarted by the past – and Louisa Somerville, hell bent on diverting Anton’s attentions. Fate has thrown them together but can Anton and Georgina salvage their bond before destiny tears them apart? Together, can they find the strength and courage to embark on a journey to redemption and everlasting love?

Gina writes about my favorite part of the planet- the glorious Cape of South Africa. Perhaps I was a little misty eyed before I began reading, as it is where my wife and I went on honeymoon, including Franschoek the town central to the story. What struck me though, through the lush descriptions of her landscape in a period of sailing ships and Voortrekkers, was her wonderful characters. Each developed painstakingly to reveal their true worth and sharing their burdens of secrets due to living in a time when society made harsher moral judgements. The decency of inner person in each, our hero and heroine becomes more apparent with each event. I was left hanging until the final page, but then made truly satisfied that there is romance in this world and people that deserve its rich treasures. Should be read by the man or woman in your life because you love them…   –  Stevie C


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Spotlight Book! “Rapunzel” by Saffina Desforges

Absolutely love the characters in this book, like the humour throughout the book and the twist at the end. Another great book from Saffina. –  Mrs. H. C. Hudson

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RAPUNZEL – Book 2 of the Rose Red series

From the award-winning international best-selling British author Saffina Desforges (Sugar & Spice, Snow White, Anca’s Story) comes the second book in the sensational Rose Red crime thriller series.

Rose Red takes British crime thrillers in a new direction, with fast-paced, action-packed detective fiction, each based on the theme of a classic fairy tale.

Forget plodding police procedurals. Think ‘Ashes to Ashes’ meets James Patterson’s ‘Women’s Murder Club’ with Lee Child’s ‘Reacher’ thrown in for good measure. Think sassy female Sherlock Holmes, 21st Century style!

Cass ‘Red’ Rose is a feisty female cop fighting the usual battles that go with being a senior detective in London’s Metropolitan Police and having a defence lawyer for a partner. While one fights to put them away the other is fighting to get them off.
With the Huntsman safely behind bars, and newly promoted to DCI, Red is faced with a new challenge. Someone is murdering men in the city and leaving a particularly nasty calling card in their mouths.

Of course, things are never that simple for Red. Throw in a suicide jumper on a bank holiday weekend, the kids being abducted, the partner’s ex wanting custody, DC Jez Harris’s new girlfriend, and the small matter of inheriting an illegal Smith & Wesson, and it’s just another day in the life of a Met police officer. Oh, and did we mention Rapunzel’s?
Set in modern-day London, Rapunzel is a fast-paced, gritty urban thriller that will leave you wondering whether fairy tales really do have happy endings.

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Really enjoying this series. The CID characters and there are a few more than the norm in this book are well portrayed and play important parts throughout. I’ve read a number of books where only several officers solve a series of murders,this is not the case in true life. Nice to see the reference in this book of the connection relating to one the characters in this authors first highly praised book Sugar and Spice. Readers should note this is the second book in this series and book one Snow White should be read first, ever though many references are made as a reminder of what happened in the previous book. Enjoy I certainly did.  –  The Rat

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Spotlight Book! “Stardoom” by Dr. John Tomaino

Captures the reader from the first page and kept me hooked with unexpected twists and turns right up until the last page. Dare you to read it!!in awe

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When sabotage is only the beginning… stage fright takes on a whole new meaning.

Linda Rosek was the understudy to Broadway legend Chantelle Riviera. Linda’s chance to perform could only come if Chantelle fell sick. But Linda didn’t want to fill in for the night. Or even the season. Sickness would only be temporary, but Linda would discover that fame, like tragedy, is everlasting.

At first, Linda learnt Chantelle’s lines. Then she copied her mannerisms, socialized with her friends, and gradually adopted her lifestyle. But it was a lifestyle she couldn’t maintain. Not unless she made an extraordinary demand: a new face for Chantelle, courtesy of plastic surgery. Not an improved face, but Linda’s face. In the spotlight, where it belonged.

There was only room for one Broadway legend in Stardoom, a cautionary tale about the hazards of fame and the loss of identity.

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SPOTLIGHT BOOK! “A Girl’s Guide to Fairy Tales” by Laurey Buckland

I was extremely surprised with how much I thoroughly enjoyed this book! A story of 4 friends who’s lives are incredibly different yet they all gel perfectly together! 🙂 a brilliant first book from a a very imaginative author. I found myself ‘lol’ at the smallest of descriptions and was rooting for a happy ending for each of the main characters. I eagerly anticipate a sequel! Mrs C Meehan

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For daydreamer Maddie, obsessive compulsive Clare, over dramatic Isobel and happy-go-lucky Sophie, life is more a world of tragic than magic.
For Maddie it’s a constant battle against the monotony of a job she hates while her heart aches to follow her dreams of setting up her own cake-making business and turn her talent into a career. But will she escape to the world where she feels she truly belongs?
Clare’s inability to banish the image of the ugly duckling she remembers hampers her ability to believe she is good for anyone or anything. After being coerced by well-meaning friends to sign up to an online dating site, she soon starts to realize that looks aren’t perhaps everything and that she is just as quick to judge a book by its cover.
Isobel the looks, the figure and the confidence – or so it appears. After landing the lead role in a new play written and directed by the beastly Guy Edmundson, she follows her mother’s advice to find a gorgeous hunk in time to escort her to the after-show party. But it’s only when she cuts herself free from the ties of a fake persona and stops living up to other people’s expectations that the unexpected happens.
Sophie has the perfect job and the devoted boyfriend who worships the ground she walks on. But when she chooses to doubt her own worth and believes in a poisonous rumour, it tears her fairy tale world apart. Can she find the magic to piece it back together?

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Spotlight Book! “Lethal Inheritance” by Tahlia Newland

“ Unique to any other fantasy book I’ve read, Ariel’s weapons to defeat these horrors are focus, clarity, and spiritual power. ”  – Kate Polican

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If last night was real, Ariel should be dead. She’s not, but her mother has disappeared, there are bruises on her neck, and the hideous beast in the photo looks frighteningly familiar.

You can’t send police into a tunnel that doesn’t exist after a villain they can’t see, so when shadow demons kidnap her mother, Ariel has to mount the rescue mission herself. Hot on the trail, she enters a hidden layer of reality only to find that the demons are hunting her, and they feed on fear. Ariel must defeat them before they kill her and enslave her mother. But how do you kill terrifying demons when your fear makes them stronger?

A quirky old guide teaches her how to locate and unleash her inner power, and while battling hallucinogenic mist, treacherous terrain, murderous earth spirits and self-doubt, she falls in love with Nick, a Warrior whose power is more than either of them can handle.

Ariel’s journey challenges her perception, tests her awareness and takes her deep into her heart and mind to confront, and ultimately transcend, her fear and anger.

This book is a recipient of the award for excellence

This reader would recommend it!

Putting on young shoes, this is definitely a 5 star. The writing is every bit as good as a part of Rowling’s fantasy, and if anything the plot has more originality. I have to admit to being a bit of a long term fan of the mysterious plunge from everyday life into the realms of fantasy. The drawing into this otherness, away from this all too real existence, to weird places so many of our minds so often strive to go, is done very well in “Lethal Inheritance”. If we wish we can explain everything as illusion, of nightmare, of chemical concoction, of the the shadows on the edge of perception, or simply consider this fantasy as metaphor for our “religious” spirituality. I am sure Newland keeps a very wide range of readers anchored as well as I. Newland effortlessly draws us out of a suburban bedroom window to follow Ariel on the quest demanded by her destiny. Mental strength is the key to success, belief in one’s self, the learning to live with one’s fears and succeed despite them. The Serpentine, the snaking “river” of evil, may well have flowed into Australia through a gap in understanding that separates the land of “Dreamtime” from “La Serpentine” Mountain in the distant European Alps. Certainly the story, the invention, comes from a breadth of cultural mythology as wide as the physical distances between the Earth’s diverse landscapes. We all have to fight the snaking terrors that pollute life, some are fantasy and some real. Newland had my attention, possibly spellbound, held down by the demons, to the very last words.   –  Mr. Richard Lw Bunning

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Spotlight Book! “Forever Lost” by Robin R. Longley

Do you need a quick read to help you get through this extra long, post holiday week? Look no further!

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Forever Lost

Martha is devastated when her only daughter goes missing and she is desperate to find her. She can’t understand why her husband won’t let her out to look, after all she’s usually in the cemetery just across the street. Martha begins to plot ways to escape and find her little girl, no one will stop her.

Their Trap

Ever visited a graveyard in the middle of the night?
Crawling with spiders and other delights!

Guardian of the Swamp

Nicolette wants desperately to love the swamp her husband calls home. She loves her husband dearly and adores pleasing him and their children. When her husband goes missing her world is turned upside down as she struggles to live in the swamp she knows nothing about. She graciously accepts gifts from her kind neighbours including the mysterious Consuela who seems to know more about her husbands disappearance that it seems….

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Spotlight Book! “Changeling” by Morgan Gallagher

“This is a very smart, well-written novel. It delves deep into the psychology of both the abuser and the abused. It contains graphic scenes of physical, psychological and sexual abuse that will upset those made queasy by portrayals of torture. But… this isn’t splatterpunk. It’s purposeful. So if you can handle that, you won’t find a much better vampire tale than Changeling. … I think that fiction should both entertain and make you think. It’s surprisingly difficult to find novels that do both. Changeling does.” – Alan Ryker

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A young woman vanished from the streets, a life destroyed, her humanity a battle ground.

London, April 1987. Joanne is out for a night on the town and her plans go awry. She slips into a pub for a quick drink before going to see a film. Jonathon Dreyfuss is on the prowl, looking for something tasty to devour. He spots Joanne through the window. Joanne vanishes from sight.

She wakes in a room with no windows, trapped in a nightmare of pain and terror. Dreyfuss finds her boring and tedious… yet he can’t quite kill her. Something about her, some aspect of her, is pleasing to him. He keeps her for a little while, house training her as he’s attempted to train others in the past. She resists, as they all did, and he takes up the challenge, to prove once again he is master of all. Joanne fights back as best she can, terrified and confused, beaten, starved and lost in a madman’s fantasy. He spends months schooling her to obey, tearing her down. When she begins to break, as hope of escape fades… he reveals his final madness: he is Vampire. She too, will be Vampire: his Changeling.

He wishes her to be his immortal companion, his eternal mate. What Dreyfuss wishes, Dreyfuss gets.

The battle for her soul begins. All she has is her will and the need to be free. Dreyfuss holds all the cards: money, power and no conscience. Can she keep fighting, or will he win? How long can Joanne stay human? 

What price would you pay for your freedom?

Changeling is the first novel in the Dreyfuss Trilogy: a compelling and unique vampire mythology for adults.

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