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Spotlight Book! “A Walk On The Darkside” by Corinna Underwood

Need something to read to get over the mid-week slump? Look no further than this awesome book!

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Pearl Blackthorn is a novelist and investigative reporter for Darkside paranormal magazine. Armed with her digital recorder and accompanied by her friend and photographer Harry Raymond, Pearl is sent by her editor J.J Benson – affectionately known as Benny – to the four corners of Great Britain, (and sometimes further), to investigate stories of spirits and specters, demons and doppelgangers, prophecy and possession. The problem is, Pearl doesn’t believe in the supernatural; her creative imagination is tempered by a strong skepticism. She is immovable on her stand that there is always a simple, rational explanation behind every report of paranormal activity. But Pearl soon realizes that the intricacies of paranormal events are often far from simple and not always rational.

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Spotlight Book! “Angel of Death” by Karen Dales

This book was wonderfuly written. The main characters are amazing. I highly recomend this book to anyone craving an awesome paranormal story that is packed with adventure!  –  ckmoondancer

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Winner of the Siren Books Award for Best Horror 2010 and the Siren Books Award for Best Overall 2010.

The Vampires of London are being murdered and only the Angel of Death can save them.

The Angel of Death has traversed the earth for over a thousand years, reaping souls, both foe and friend. His only traveling partner through the ages is his beloved mentor, Father Paul Notus.

When Father Notus is captured and threatened with a gruesome death by the Mistress of London and her Vampires, the Angel is forced into a dark world of murder and deception to discover who is killing the Vampires of Britain.

Coerced into a partnership with the Noble Fernando de Sagres, a Vampire of sadistic tastes, and joined by the beautiful and mortal Jeanie Stuart, the Angel seeks to uncover who is behind the genocide.

Plagued by demons from his past and his increasing affections for Jeanie, the Angel walks a fine line between his heart and his fears. He discovers the culprits but at a high cost – the irrevocable discovery of what he truly is and the Destruction of one he loves.

In Praise of The Chosen Chronicles

“A dark and gripping tale by a true mistress of supernatural fiction. Karen Dales brings fresh blood to the vampire genre.” —Michelle Rowen, National Bestselling Author

“For readers who adore textured layers in their literary tapestries, rich in colorful emotions, Karen Dales is one writer of vampire fiction they’ll want to read.” — Nancy Kilpatrick, Author: The Power of the Blood, Editor: Evolve: Vampire Stories of the New Undead

“A fresh and intriguing new look at the vampire mythos.” – Violet Malan, author of The Novels of Dhulyn and Parno

“…is a must-read for any fans of Twilight or other books in the popular Vampire genre.” – Oakville Today.

“…one of the best stories by a new and upcoming writer that I have read…This tale was wonderfully written. Very few stories are the equal to this tale.” – Siren Book Reviews (5 out of 5)

“…a poignant and epic tale… a brilliant example of good overcoming and prevailing against evil and prejudice… an emotional ride of literary genius, both heart-warming and heartbreaking at the same time…” – Bitten By Books (5 out of 5)

“a grand tale of eternal life and its many challenges…I greatly enjoyed Angel of Death by Karen Dales and … recommend it…” – Two Lips Reviews (5 out of 5)

“I would definitely recommend this book to vampire fans.. a good solid read for both Changeling and Angel of Death… I’m definitely looking forward to where Dales goes with this in the future.” – Once Upon A Bookshelf

“I was hooked…a good book to read on a cold and stormy day.”- Night Owl Reviews (4 out of 5)

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Spotlight Book! “Walker” by Steven Ramirez

“ I would highly recommend this quick read to all the many horror fans out there. ”  –  Mark Abrams

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What is the one thing—the only thing—you must remember when someone you love sleepwalks? Don’t wake them. Ever. John Walker knows this and has so far taken all the right precautions to protect his wife, Mary Kate. But sometimes no matter what you do, no matter how vigilant you are, things go wrong.

John is about to learn that evil is out there waiting for the right moment. And when it strikes, it hungers for more than Mary Kate. It wants their daughter, Lucy. But it’s not his fault—it’s not anyone’s fault.

Sometimes bad things just happen.

“‘Walker’ is well-written with vibrant characters and natural dialogue. I was only sorry it ended so soon. I don’t want to give too much away since this is a short read, but suffice to say, supernatural shenanigans are afoot. I’m glad to say I’ve found another horror writer to follow.” 5 Stars.

Please be advised that this is a short story and is around 5,900 words.

This reviewer makes it sound like a MUST read!

There’s not much I want to say about this story except that it had me thinking about it long after I had read the last page. The ‘normalcy’ of the situation contrasts horrifically with the events that are to come. I have a daughter who frequently sleepwalks, so this story impacted on me because of that. It really got me thinking….  –  Cathy Hudson

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Spotlight Book! “The Cestus Concern” by Mat Nastos

Now this is how to kick off a series! Nastos’ prose is fast, funny and the action is furious and Nissan Cube Flingingly Frantic at one turn, yet he doesn’t skimp on character development and human drama.  –  David Zuzelo

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Waking up in an operating room, much to the surprise of the attending surgeons, Malcolm Weir frantically fights his way out of a secret government installation, located in downtown Los Angeles. Battling through a mass of armed guards and meta-gene operatives, the cyborg warrior realizes he has no memory of how he got there.
The past 11 months are gone.
With a hole in his mind, Weir must retrace his steps for the past year, fighting his way through the nearly endless horde of super powered mercenaries and assassins the government sends after him.
Travel along with Weir, facing some of the most intense action ever put to paper, along with a body count of ridiculous proportions, as he tracks down the secrets trapped in his head.
In the end, Weir must stand alone against a former friend and a squad of the deadliest killers ever created, all to learn the terrifying truth behind Project: Hardwired.
Fans of films like “Bourne Identity” or “Smoking Aces,” or the comics of Deadpool and Wolverine, will love the over-the-top science fiction action of “The Cestus Concern” by Mat Nastos.

This reader loved it!

Just finished reading “The Cestus Concern: Weir Codex Book 1” – it was pure enjoyment! Mat Nastos promised action and delivered with both fists! Mat’s experience in the comic book world definitely enhances and enriches the characters and action and provides a pure adrenaline rush for any action-junkie!Sia

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Spotlight Book! “Inside Evil” by Geoffrey Wakeling

One last note – Along with the dialogue and interactions, Mr. Wakeling’s chief gift seems to be in the characters he brings to life. All of them, from police detective Karl to the ever inquisitive Sam to the saucy (in more ways than one) Susan, are quirky and unique in their own ways, and play an essential part in the human play that is Inside Evil. Highly recommended.  –  Matthew Jenks

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Life in the secluded town of Ridgewood is charming, simple, safe – isn’t it? The bubble that isolates the hamlet protects, or so the eclectic residents believe.
Lurking in the background of every day life is a curse that comes in cycles and picks off the innocent as it pleases. But this time there’s something different, this time the curse wants more.


Roberta Arlington’s life changes the moment she finds one of
her pupils, pale, frozen, DEAD. Her mind is filled with uncharacteristic thoughts, dreams and visions create bizarre scenes, and her blood boils as she lashes out at those she loves. Amidst her turmoil there are friends, and enemies, who come to her aid, piecing together the puzzle laid before them.


But with the ancient evil having struck down so many through
the centuries, Roberta will have to muster every ounce of strength she has to survive. An entire world, a strange land, has unveiled itself. If Roberta knows one thing for sure, it’s that she alone won’t be able to escape as death comes calling…….




Inside Evil is a paranormal mystery set in a small town on
the borders of England and Scotland. Like so many similar places, its residents cannot help but be drawn into each others lives, as they rarely venture from their seclusion. But, with such isolation
comes danger, and whilst the world is blissfully unaware, an ancient terror is preparing for murder.

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Spotlight Book! “The Zochtil” by J.A. Dalley

As a life-long fan of science fiction, I found “The Zochtil” to be a very entertaining. The characters are engaging and interesting. The story is a fast-paced, action-packed experience. Mr. Dalley weaves many new and intriguing sci-fi aspects into his tale. A great beginning to a sure to be thrilling series.  –  Carol Blackhurst

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Jump to the Stars! Join the Solar Fleet!

The Solar Fleet faces just two problems: one, the alien blockade that prevents any ship from leaving the solar system, and two, the United Monarchy of Europe, which is tying up most of the Solar Fleet’s resources, thus preventing them from attacking the blockade.

Almek Manning is eighteen and wishes to join the Solar Fleet as a midshipman and train at the Academy. However, Almek has a few problems of his own to overcome before he can go to the Academy, the first of which is to escape from a United Monarchy of Europe detention facility.

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Spotlight Book! “Harry’s War” by Ed Benjamin

“ Benjamin’s talent for inserting you directly into this book is fascinating. ” – Sharon Colaizzi Smith

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This SHORT fiction tale (15,000 words) deals with an epic air battle over Iraq between Iranian Air Force Su-27 Flanker aircraft and United States Air Force F-15C Eagles in the skies over Iraq. The author has divided this book into three basic parts: first, the prelude to this spine-tingling fighter clash, second, the nail biting air battle itself and third, the aftermath. These three parts constitute the war experienced by Harry Miles, ace fighter pilot. Which will prevail, the F-15C Eagle fighter or the Su-27 Flanker? What is the real war?

This reader loved it!

I have read a lot of books on our american experiences in war and peace. This is a very good and quick read about operations in the F-15. Having been in aviation for over 40 years as a flier, maintenance, leadership and participant since Vietnam I found this to be interesting and realistic.   –  Mike Sellers

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Spotlight Book! “Tales of Woe and Wonder” by Jeff Chapman

Held within these pages is a new take on the old Fairy Tale. Happily ever after is not guaranteed, just as in real life. These stories align with the Grimm tales in that no bad deed goes unpunished, and the foolish may end up in a witch’s cauldron.   –  P. Creeden

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Tales of Woe and Wonder collects nine fantasy stories from the pen of Jeff Chapman. Here you’ll find a mix of fairy-tale wonder and tragic woe, ranging from a young boy’s first brush with the harsh realities of war in “A Gift from over the Sea” to a miraculous bridge in “The Master and the Miller’s Daughter” to a young girl’s encounter with a witch’s insidious spells in “Esme’s Amulet.”

28,000 words — Fantasy
“A Gift from over the Sea” originally appeared in Everyday Fiction.
“The Princess and the Vampire” originally appeared in The Midnight Diner, Volume 3.
“The Fletcher’s Daughter” originally appeared in Residential Aliens.
“The Hand with the Knife” originally appeared in Mindflights.
“Why the Squonk Weeps” originally appeared in Digital Dragon Magazine.
“A Mother’s Gift” originally appeared in Silver Blade Magazine.
“Under the Bridge” originally appeared in Apollo’s Lyre.
“The Master and the Miller’s Daughter” originally appeared in Residential Aliens.
“Esme’s Amulet” originally appeared in Golden Visions Magazine.

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Spotlight Book! “High School Substitute Teacher’s Guide” by Cherise Kelley

It is a very encouraging book, well organized, with excellent advice for “how to”.
If anyone has any doubts, they should read this book!Nancy L. Kelley

Download “High School Substitute Teacher’s Guide” NOW!

“You’re a high school substitute? Are you crazy? We were so mean to them!” This is a common reaction when I tell people what I do, but I love substitute teaching at the high school level.

I started subbing in 1989, fresh out of college. I was looking for a way to support myself while I took my “fifth year” of college in secondary education classes and did my student teaching. A friend told me, “You have a bachelor’s degree, so you can be a substitute.” In writing this book, I hope to be as good a friend for you as he was for me. This book explains not only how to get a high school substitute teaching job, but also how to do the job so well that it will be rewarding in and of itself.

If you know a college graduate who is out of a job, tell them about this book. It might help them support themselves in the meantime. Being an excellent substitute can also open the door to a regular full-time teaching position.

Up until the advent of the Internet, most books for substitute teachers consisted largely of worksheets the substitute could photocopy and hand out to students, in the event the regular teacher hadn’t left enough work to fill the whole class period. Today, you can instantly find and project one of a million free Internet worksheets. Heck, 99% of today’s high school students have phones capable of finding these worksheets.

You won’t find worksheets in this book. High school students are too smart to do a substitute’s ungraded busy work anyway. Today’s high school students crave human interaction. I’ve seen them get more excited about a classroom discussion than about watching a movie. Times have changed, and I have remained a successful high school substitute teacher by embracing the changing times. Give my book a read and let me show you how to be a good high school substitute teacher who enjoys the job.

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Spotlight Book! “Hallowed” by Bryant Delafosse

It’s a page Turner. Kept me fully engrossed. Character delvelopment and story line were very well done.   –  R. Balakir

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As Halloween approaches, a mysterious girl named Claudia returns to the small town of Haven, Texas. Paul Graves, a childhood friend, discovers the way to her dark heart is through a lunchtime investigation of a series of local murders. Their research soon leads them to the discovery that Paul’s father, a former sheriff, and his uncle, a local priest, have a thirty-five-year-old connection to the serial killer. When the killer targets Claudia and his family, Paul must overcome his own limitations to confront an ancient evil that spans generations.

In the grand tradition of Ray Bradbury and Stephen King, HALLOWED tells the story of a young man’s journey to adulthood and his ultimate confrontation with good and evil, life and death, love and sacrifice–a terrifying carnival ride with candy at the end.

This reader gave it five glowing stars!

This book had it all…it draws you in wanting to know who the killer is, why are they killing people the way they are, what are the secrets the adults are hiding..then it gets scary and creepy. I don’t usually read this genre of books but I am glad I did! Scared the pants off of this old lady! Thanks for the best Holloween read in a long time. 
–  saguaroflower

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