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The Best Marketing Strategy…EVER

The best marketing strategy anyone can ever come up with is to be a person.

Seriously. Just be a person.

Don’t be a *bot* that just sends out your book link with a little something thrown in for flavor now and again.


How can you do this? Well, one very very simple way is to list things about yourself.

Like So:






My name is AnnMarie

1. I am 26 years old and my birthday is in April.

2. I am one of six children. I have three brothers and two sisters. I am the second to youngest.

3. I have lived most of my life in Colorado except for an 18 month stretch I moved to Delaware to be closer to my sister.

4. My husband was one of my older brothers friends. Yeah, that was fun 😛 I also thought he was a huge jerk when I was younger. (I should have listened to my younger, smarter self!

5. I.Love.Music. I can’t clean without it blaring!

6. I grew up out in the country. It wasn’t really a farm, but we had rabbits, chickens, dogs and cats. We also had a HUGE garden, tons of trees, and lots and lots to mow. With a hand push lawnmower o.O

7. I’ve only pulled an *all-nighter* when I was hanging out with good friends. Never for something as serious as studying 😛

8. I don’t really drink soda, but can COMPLETELY taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke. I can’t stand Coke. I also love Mountain Dew. Mostly when I was younger though, as I can’t really stomach that much sugar anymore.

9. My ring finger “size” is a 3. Seriously. For those of you not savvy on ring sizes, it is probably smaller than your average 8 year old’s ring size.

10. I can wiggle my ears (without touching them…obviously).

11. I have been to Mexico, Germany, Italy, Prague, and France.

12. I am a complete “night owl” and do NOT enjoy mornings. At all.

13. I was a competitive Irish Dancer and a Figure Skater as a teen. Wasn’t awesome at either, but it was fun!

14. I love soccer. It is the only sport I will play or watch. My husband is a sports fanatic…except he doesn’t like soccer. Go figure! (He even watches GOLF!!)

15. I have never broken a bone.

16. Finding Nemo (the Disney movie) is awesome. It really is, you should watch it.

17. My favorite subject in school was English (especially reading/writing). I hate math. Or math hates me; one of them.

18. I learned how to drive a stick shift before I got my license.

19. I never really knew any of my grandparents. One of them even died before I was born.

20. I have four girls. Three biological and one adopted step-daughter.

21. I have two cats.

22. I am a Google fanatic and research EVERYTHING.

23. When I was younger I loved to climb trees and dig holes that were turned into “club-houses”.

24. I have blue eyes and blond hair. I dye my hair blond because it has gotten darker as I have gotten older. (Hey, I have to warn the world I’m coming!)

25. I can’t sleep unless I am on my side with a pillow between my legs.

Connect with me:


See what I mean? Now you *know* me. The next time I send a tweet or post to FaceBook I’m going to be the crazy blond who only sleeps on her side.

I’ll stand out!

THAT my friends is the goal.

Do you want a link you can send out listing 25 things about you?

No problem!

It really will make all the difference in the world! (Remember, you can link to it forever and send it out as much as you like. PLUS anyone who visits my site will be able to find it as well)


Merci! Danke! Grazie! Spasibo! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Holy Cow. I am in a state of shock. o.O

I have been waiting to spill the beans until my site’s Alexa ranking officially got into the six digits. Today that happened.

My site is ranked 982,552

27 days ago it was 23,000,000

My site has moved up 23,000,000 spots before I have even renewed my hosting fee. CRAZINESS!

I also submitted it to Technorati about a 24 days ago (Pretty much the Google of Blog Listing sites)
My blog is now in the top 100 Book Blogs out of 16,950, on page 5 out of 679!
It has all been due to you guys.

And the power of helping others/Attraction Marketing

Thanks so much – I can’t wait to continue to see it grow so we can all get our books out there for the world to see!

Of course if I could just FINISH my book, it would probably help 😛

To celebrate this amazing feat I am offering a complimentary “LINK” to your author page, sales page, blog, whatever you would like!

The first 10 people who write an (honest) review about my blog for Alexa (there is a button on the right hand side of my blog you can click) will get a Link for one month.
A 25 dollar value!

**Don’t look for an example, this is something new I am doing. It will show up as  “BLOG ROLL” on the right hand side of my blog**


Awesome New Twitter Tool!

So this past week I stumbled upon another AWESOME and FREE Twitter tool I wanted to share with you.

As you all know by now; I think twitter can be a HUGE help in promoting yourself. Personally I think anyone who even TRIES to use social media should be following people daily.

Which of course means you will have to UNFOLLOW people daily. Some stupid rule about not being an “aggressive follower” 😛

**You really want to be careful as you approach the 2000 mark. You will want your followers to be within 200 (so 1800 people who follow you) by the time you get to 2000 people YOU follow.**

This is where the new tool comes in handy.

It actually gives you stats like:

“Not Following You Back”

“No Profile Image”


“Not English”

It also tells you what number the person is you followed. So you can unfollow the 800th person you followed (who isn’t following you back) BEFORE you unfollow the 1200 person you followed, etc. etc.

I also really like the “Not English” and “Inactive” one.

I unfollow people who don’t tweet in English. Nothing against other languages, I just unfortunately only speak one! LOL

I also go and unfollow the “Inactive”.If they haven’t tweeted in a few months I figure you can unfollow them right away and be done with it 😀

There are also other really cool stats like how much the person tweets in a day and things like that.

To summarize, it has helped me immensely and I wanted to share!

Go check it out for yourself!

Happy Tweeting!

**Follow me on Twitter**

How to Utilize FaceBook to Grow Your Fan Base

Ahhhhh FaceBook.

It has it’s advantages AND it’s disadvantages.

It is one of the harder ways to get a following, but it is one of the funnest places to interact WHEN you get that following.

One of the best free ways to get some good friends is to join as many groups on FaceBook (about books/reading/etc.) and be interactive and interesting.

A great place to start is this page:

It’s pretty new but already has a strong following. Go there and check out it’s mission statement, it’s pretty awesome!

DO NOT JUST SPAM them with your books. That is not very effective. Even if you do gain a sale you are easily losing 10 you COULD have had.

Keep notes so you can keep track of what groups you are a part of.
(Lists are my friends; I love them!)

If you interact with someone who seems interesting – take the first step and friend request THEM. (This will only work if you are using your normal facebook profile and not a fan page)


Another effective strategy is to get a large following on Twitter and promote your fan page or personal profile once every couple of days. Say something like
“Let’s connect on FaceBook”

Like and/or follow them BACK if they have a fan page / profile they share with you. It’s only polite 🙂

It is much easier to get a large following on Twitter; find out more here:

Now, FaceBook has one of the BEST paying ways to get a fan base.
They actually have an awesome way to target your EXACT market.

If you go to their advertising page
You can check out of their different options.
They other GREAT thing about FaceBook advertising is that you can set a daily budget. So you can advertise for ONLY three dollars a day for 5 days or something similar.

You can target people who “Read Books”.
ONLY those people will see your ad.
Pretty cool right?
And no, I do NOT get any money if you run a campaign. FaceBook doesn’t share 😛

One other GREAT thing about FaceBook is the ability to “go viral” with the right content.

Let’s say you have 100 fans.
One day you post a great picture or a particularly engaging post and a BUNCH of people interact with it.

A lot of their friends will see the post and your page in turn.
It will show up in their timeline as “John Doe just commented on blah blah”

Curiosity is a wonderful thing =)
I have found that I interact with quite a few pages that I haven’t even LIKED because of a friend.
Crazy stuff!

Obviously paying for a fan base sounds crazy. Who does that??
YOU DO if you believe in your book!

Jim Rohn is one of my favorite people and he has a popular saying. It goes:

“The rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left.”

Investing a few dollars in yourself can make you richer in the end.
Only YOU know if you have the money, or how much, to invest in yourself(I realize that the economy has left a lot of people struggling. I have four kids, I’m one of them!) but keep the words of Jim Rohn in the back of your mind.
Is there some kind of “bad habit” you can get rid of? Do you smoke? Drink? Go to the movies?

Cutting back now and investing that money could mean a bigger return and even MORE money to spend on those habits down the road.

“I do what most people WON’T, so someday I will be able to do what others CAN’T”  ~ says someone who isn’t me 😀

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Attraction Marketing – “Paying it Forward”

One of the MOST effective marketing strategies I have come across is

“Attraction Marketing”.

Attraction Marketing is also one of the HARDEST to pull off successfully.

Basically it is leading people in by curiosity.
In it’s truest sense it would be never selling your product to them directly.
Of course this is incredibly hard for any red blooded person to do! I know I can’t do it!

I can tell you that when I *know* someone has something to sell me, but I don’t KNOW what it is; I HAVE to find out!

Even though I am aware they are pulling their *Jedi Mind Tricks* on me, I still have to know.
I may not BUY, but I still took an interest in them!

Like I said, most people can’t do this very effectively. It’s really hard not to Tweet and/or Face Book about the book you are writing or have written.

Now the second element to this “Attraction Marketing” thing is to find out what you can do to help others. This way they wonder why the heck you are helping them and you come up on their radar.

I can tell you that the most successful Attraction Marketers in any business are those who TRULY care about others.

In order to really pull it off you have to do it selflessly.

Don’t think:
“What can I do for blah blah so they in turn do blah blah for me.” If you think that way, it won’t work very well.
I don’t know why, since you are basically doing the same thing, but it just won’t.

I can tell you that when I started figuring out ways to help other people, EVERYTHING changed.
Maybe it was writing a phone script out for them, or writing a follow up email.

(Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I can write some very attention getting emails……………I mean, it’s no book…but still :P)

Getting a training blog for the Team (not just my team, but everyone in general) or figuring out how to make someone ELSE more effective or more well known.

It just changed everything.

I can tell you that at first I had ulterior motives. I wanted this or that to happen.
Whatever I WANTED to have happen did NOT.
Something much more amazing happened. And continues to happen.
Unfortunately, it is not something you can explain. It is something you have to find out for yourself to truly understand.

I CAN tell you that the effort is worth the effect.

When I got a crazy hair up my butt and decided I maybe wanted to publish my half finished books one day, the first thing I thought of was marketing.

Obviously I am an Internet Marketer, I know that just because something is “out there” doesn’t mean it is going to be found.

I went on a brain storming session and found something I could offer to the reading community.
A way to give back.
Why? Because I know that something good ALWAYS comes from it.

What it is…..I have no idea! I may never even FINISH my books.

I can tell you that at first my motives weren’t all that great. They weren’t bad, but I was thinking of myself, and my own *theoretical* books.

About a month into this endeavor I can tell you that even if I NEVER write a book I will continue to help you amazing Authors.
Why? Because you’re awesome!

I have never met a better group of people.
If the only thing I have to show for all my effort is making YOU and YOUR books more well known………….that will be OK with me!

Now, go pay it forward!
Go find something YOU can do to help another Author (or human being) in general.

Great things will come. I promise.

Twitter; Part Two

Just a real quick entry about a VERY important point I missed when I talked about how to get your target market to follow you on twitter.

(You can find that post here

**I am SURE some of you know this already, but for every person who does, there are two that don’t, I promise you =)**

Now the cool thing about twitter is that you don’t have to just sit there and HOPE someone hits “LIKE”
(by the way, my facebook “LIKE” button is to the right, *hint hint* LOL)

You can be proactive and FOLLOW people. Most of the time these people follow you in return.

This means that the sky is truly the limit when it comes to how many followers you can have.

Unfortunately, unless you are a Kardashian or an already famous author (in which case you wouldn’t reading THIS :P,) you are going to have to be FOLLOWING quite a few people to have those high numbers.

This means your feed is going to be clogged. No way around it.

So, how do you make sure you don’t miss Aunite Em’s pie recipe or your favorite fellow author’s tweets?

This is where Twitter “Lists” come in INCREDIBLY handy.

There are two different kinds of Lists. Private and Public.

When you add someone to a Public list they will be notified AND your list will be visible to everyone.

When you add someone to a Private list it will be visible to you only and the person being put on the list will NOT be notified.

So, if you are going to make lists like “People who sometimes have good tweets but are usually annoying” you should probably make it Private 😛

You *Really* want to start your lists now if you haven’t already so you can stay on top of it. I try to put people in lists as I follow them, or as they follow me back.

As a last resort I comb through my feed trying to find the jewels in the sand.


The point of Lists , be they public or private, is so you can easily see the people you deemed “Creme De Le Creme”.
You won’t miss their tweets and you can retweet and interact with them more easily.

You won’t want to make massive lists of “authors” or “readers” if you are planning on using it to interact with them.

A list of 1000 people is going to be seriously hard to go through. Make smaller lists of 50 or 100 people.

Now, if you want to make a Public list of every awesome author you know, make it as large as you want!

Once again, I am sure most of you already knew this, I just didn’t want to be the recipient of pitchfork attacks when the people who didn’t start to realize what a hot mess their feed is going to be in a month! =)

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How to Get Your Target Market to Follow You on Twitter. For FREE!

OK – in my last training I went over what EVERY one’s very first step should be. If you missed if you can check it out

Now I am going to touch on one of the more popular social networks. Twitter.

Most people have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. You either REALLY love it, or you think it is a pointless cesspool of crap.
There really is no *in between* like there is with FaceBook (I’ll be going over FaceBook training next).

Now, there are a few tricks to getting the most out of your twittering experience . You don’t want to give up on Twitter, because it is waaaaaaay easier to get a following on twitter than it is on FaceBook.

I think there is a saying that goes something like:

“If a stranger follows you on FaceBook you feel freaked out, if a stranger follows you on Twitter you’re like HECK YEAH!”

Maybe not that exactly, but you get the point =)

The trick is to KNOW who to follow. Fellow authors and spam bots will follow YOU no problem.
You can sign up for something like and get a bunch of follows in a few days (for free) and maybe you want to do that for some follow *padding* to make you look more legitimate.

Totally up to you.

However, in the end you need some TARGETED followers.

What is your target market? READERS.

So what do you do to find these illusive readers?

Make sure you are sitting down for this – it’s going to BLOW YOU away in its simplicity.

Go to big name authors.

J.K Rowling, Stephanie Meyer, Danielle Steel, etc.

They all have thousands and thousands of followers.

Why would people follow them? Oh, right. Because they liked their BOOKS!

If you are in a certain genre, just google who the most popular authors are in your genre, see if they are on Twitter and go FOLLOW their followers!

These followers may or may not follow you back. Usually they are only following 10-100 people and have even less followers.

Guess what that means for you?
If they DO follow you back, your tweets are not going to be DROWNED in their feed. YAY!

I, personally,  don’t “cherry pick” my sales. Some people don’t follow “egg” (no picture) profiles but I do. You never know, they might follow you back and buy every book you wrote. Be your “golden egg” 😛

I have been in sales waaaaay to long and know you definitely can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Ok, so follow the readers! Hope they follow you back!

But wait………what if they don’t?

This is what I do.
On Monday, and Tuesday I follow the readers.
On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I wait to see who will follow me back (remember, these people might not get on twitter every day)
On Saturday and Sunday I unfollow the people who haven’t followed me back.

There is an easy way to do this, I use:

Or you can google “How to find people who don’t follow me back on twitter” and there are a bunch of options.

Now, as you can tell, this isn’t something that is going to happen overnight. But if you do it consistently you will eventually have a very large following of readers.


I know MOST of you know this already, but for those of you who don’t, or have never used twitter,  I am just going to go over it quickly.


Go through your feed sometime. See something cool? Retweet it.

Someone say something that you can respond to?
Like “I’m so happy it’s Friday!” Then respond and say “ME TOO!”

When you pay attention to someone, they will pay attention back.

“Who just responded to me? Hmmm, they write? Interesting, I am going to have to keep an eye on this person.”

Seriously, you get out of social media what you put into it. If you go to twitter and tweet about ME ME ME ME ME all day than the only one who is you to care is YOU YOU YOU 😀

(I forgot an important piece to the puzzle, here it is)

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What you don’t know CAN hurt you!

OK – so you are probably wondering who I am and why in the world I think I know what I am talking about 😛

My name is AnnMarie and I am a Work at Home mom. I have four little girls (yes my husband is going insane! ha!) and I have been a successful Internet Marketer for six years.

I have been training people in Social Media for about four.

I have successfully trained MANY people on how to use Social Media CORRECTLY. (oh, and believe me, there IS a correctly).

What does this have to do with you, since you are an author?

EVERYTHING =) You need to find people interested in your books.

The question is; how do you do it?

Well, first of all, I am going to touch on a subject that is the answer to everything. Whether you own a WalMart, a clothing store, a bakery, do referral marketing, OR sell your own books.


If you aren’t building a list for yourself – than you are building your foundation on sand instead of stone.
You are doing yourself a huge disservice.
This isn’t some new finagled idea, it’s been around forever.

For example; lets say that you are making AMAZING money selling your books on Amazon. They are selling like Hot Cakes.
NICE nice!!

Fast forward six months. Amazon changes some obscure crazy thing that you NEVER saw coming and suddenly your book sales plummet.

That wouldn’t be SUCH a big deal if you had a list of your loyal fans. Sure it would still suck donkey balls, but it wouldn’t be the end of your career. You wouldn’t have to start over from scratch.
YOU would be able to reach your target audience with your books, one way or another.

I can almost guarantee that MOST successful Indie Authors have their own list. I know Network Marketers do.

Aweber is the undisputed best auto responder out there. They have the highest rate of deliver-ability (not going to the spam folder. YES, even double opt-ins still get sent to spam sometimes).

Unfortunately their cheapest package runs at about 20 bucks a month.
So unless you feel like you can build a substantial list quickly – your best bet might be to go a cheaper route like MailChimp (I do believe they even have free options).

The biggest thing is to get a list GOING, no matter what you choose.

OK. I know the next question you are going to be asking yourself is:

“That’s great and all, but how do I go about making a list?”

I have seen some authors put a link to their mailing list at the end of their books. GENIUS! I’m not sure if there is some secret underground information club you guys use, but whoever thought of that was pretty brilliant.

So common sense and “DUH” but yet SOOOOOOOO many authors aren’t doing it. Obviously it’s not their fault, not everyone knows the tricks of the trade….That is where I come in 😉

So, to summarize:

Step one; get a list building mechanism.
Step two; add the link to the end of your existing books. Something along the lines of; Don’t miss my next book!

Even better if you leave your first book on a cliff hanger and it’s a part of a series. (Seriously though, it’s just plain vicious to leave your books on a cliffhanger! STOP DOING IT! LOL – j/k.)

Now, on to the tricky part.
Adding the opt-in link to the end of your books only works if you are selling lots of them already.
If you have only sold 50 copies of your books – you obviously aren’t going to have a very big list.

Not even every one of those 50 readers will subscribe. Some people guard their email address like it’s GOLD 😛

Here is where you NEED to get into social media.

Of COURSE it is not a MUST for everyone. If you are happy where you are, then that’s fine. Not everyone is cut out for the same things.
Just make sure you add the opt-in link to the end of your books.
That IS a must for everyone.

If however, you are one of the people who feel “They Sky is the Limit” you will want to explore social media for all it is worth.

Now, here is where it gets slightly depressing.


I know, I know……You want to write!!
Who has TIME to promote themselves???

You have a freaking MASTERPIECE to get out there, that’s why!

Because I want to find you and read your books! That’s why!

We live in a “microwave society”. We want it, and we want it NOW.
Unfortunately that is not how most things happen. We have to build a foundation. Good things take time.
Or is it good things come to those who wait? Whatever, same point.

It sucks.

Just think though. If you start dedicating just 30 min a day, or an hour a day, to learning the ropes. In six months, a year, two years you will be SO happy you just buckled down and DID it.

If someone would have told me six years ago that I would know how to do everything I know how to do…..I would have said you were crazy.

Actually, I would have thought you were speaking a different language

Mailing Lists?
Attraction Marketing?
Twitter?? WTH?

You CAN do it and it’s worth it! Believe me.

**Me going off on a tangent – ignore at will**
You know what I think intrigued me most when I found out how many Indie Authors were getting almost no exposure?

That being an Author is the absolute BEST thing to be.

Readers are voracious. I know I can read a book in a few days. Then on to the next one!

(Of course after the proper grieving time – LOL)

Even if every single Indie Author was successful; there would STILL be room for new authors and more books.
How flippin awesome is that?!

It’s not like a network marketing or affiliate marketing, where everyone is in competition with each other.


Wow. I actually meant to write about tricks of the trade when it comes to Twitter.
However, this post is already incredibly long. o.0

Mostly I need to stop so I can go to bed. Kiddo’s wake up WAY to early I tell ya.

So, stay tuned for some awesome tricks about twitter. Only the best things I have learned along the way.

For example:

1. How to get READERS to follow you. For Free. It’s so obvious I am sure that some of you have figured it out already.

2. Easy ways to purge your list.  (get rid of people who don’t follow you back)

3. How to get some noticed on Twitter.

4. What NOT to do on Twitter! LOL

Wait…did I just leave you on a cliffhanger? 😛

Learn how to get your target audience to follow you on twitter

Those of you who are wondering why I don’t have a larger following if I am “soooo good” at this stuff. I just started doing this about 2 weeks ago.
My blog went live last Tuesday I believe, and I am averaging about 100 unique views a day. So nothing really awesome, but for a baby blog it’s pretty cool! LOL
Also, I’m not “The Most Amazing Marketer Since Sliced Bread”….I just learned a TON over the past several years.