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Book Review! “Don’t Shed a Tear” by Betty Byers

PLOT   – ****
FLOW – ****



First, before I go any further, I want to mention that this is the second book with the same characters. I am usually a stickler for reading books in the right order, but as I review more books like this one I realize there are two different types. 
1. The series where if you do not start with the first book you are hopelessly lost and confused.
2. The series where you can pick up the second or third book and not be left behind because the author includes enough of a backstory to keep you up to date. 

This book falls into the latter category. I didn’t feel lost at all. 

Now, on to the story! It was a pretty good one. Lola was a quirky character with a quick and witty tongue. I love reading books like that. The ones that can make you spontaneously laugh out loud are a jewel to be treasured. 
(According to me anyway!) 
She is a Private Investigator who has a lot on her plate. Her PI company has been hired to protect an up and coming reggae star King Dix. 
When shots break out at a concert they have to go undercover to figure out who wants King Dix out of the picture. 

On top of that, she thought she saw her long lost brother in the crowd shortly before the shots rang out. Clearly she would love to find him!

Last (but definitely not least) she is having some serious love triangle problems. She is in a relationship with Joe, but can’t help but have feelings for Julian. 

Put it all together and what to do you get? A great mystery with some romance and a few plot twist and turns for good measure!
Loved it!

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When Lola Hussey, newly fledged Private Investigator, was on a night out at a ragga party in London she spotted someone who looked like her long lost brother, Marley, on the dance floor. As she pushed through the crowd to reach him, two shots rang out and there was alarm as screams replaced the boom of the music. Party goers immediately dropped to the floor in panic. 
Lola’s second case had begun – and this one was much closer to home.

Book Review! “Reaper 6” by Andrew J. Rafkin

PLOT   – ***
FLOW – ***


“Reaper 6” is the untold (until now!) story of Larry Fitzgerald.  He served in the Vietnam war starting at a very young age. 
In fact, by the time he finished his THIRD tour he was only in his early twenties.

He was in the Special Units and was taken from an innocent boy and trained to do many unsavory things for the government.

The icing on the cake? They were all top secret missions so it was as if he didn’t exist at all.

I don’t want to give away to much of what happens to Larry, but this is a pretty amazing, untold story. I have read several books about the Vietnam war and none of them read like this.

I also liked how it went into what happened to Larry AFTER he came home. It seems the *true battle* starts after the fighting ends….far to many times.

Overall it is definitely worth reading and I am sure I will be reading it again some day.

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A Top Secret Story of Unparalleled Heroism

Staff Sergeant Larry FitzGerald, aka “Reaper 6,” of the U.S. Army Special Forces, led a special Black Ops team deployed to Vietnam in 1965.

He reported to only two men: General Westmoreland and General Abrams, who were in command of the U.S. Armed Forces. His first assignment—a suicidal mission to assassinate four enemy generals in Laos who were planning the 1967 Tet invasion—was never disclosed to the media or the public.

General Westmoreland stated that Sergeant FitzGerald deserved the Medal of Honor, and nine additional Purple Hearts, but unfortunately, most of his missions were conducted across the fence of South Vietnam, in Cambodia, Laos, and North Vietnam. In fact, all of his missions were classified, clandestine, and denied. They have not been disclosed until now.

Reaper 6 is the only biography of this extraordinary soldier’s life, capturing the very sights, sounds, and smells of the Vietnam War. Today, Larry is the proverbial “last man standing” of 89 souls who went where lesser soldiers shouldn’t dare.

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If someone were to ask what was standing between you and your dreams, would you look outside yourself to find excuses or inside yourself to find answers? 

The personal, financial and emotional obstacles everyone deals with on a daily basis aren’t what keep your goals out of reach; instead, it’s a combination of internal roadblocks that have been holding you back and preventing you from persevering. 

In Developing Perseverance, I’ll show you how to break through these self-imposed obstacles so you can clear the way to begin moving along your true path. By the end of this book, not only will you understand what you need to do in order to reach your goals, you’ll be able to take those first few steps toward them—steps that will take you further than you ever dreamed.


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The purpose of “How to Eventually Quit Your Job, Take Control of Your Personal Time and Live Like a Millionaire on Fifty Thousand-Dollars a Year- 50M” is to provide guidance to any and every person out there who is fed up with the daily grind. If you feel like you are overworked, underpaid and have absolutely no control of your personal time, this eBook is just for you. The purpose of this eBook is to show you how to live like a millionaire by taking control of your time and using some of the same recommendations that have helped me live the lifestyle that I desired for such a long time. Although fifty-thousand dollars (50M) is used as a point of reference, it does not have to represent your target income. Your number might be lower or it might be higher. 50M is more about a movement and breaking the chains of corporate america where many find themselves in less than ideal situations ranging from menial pay to poor and stressful working conditions. If you are truly tired of your current work situation and not being in control, this eBook provides several practical recommendations to get you on track to taking control of your time and living like a millionaire.

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Book Review! “The Vital” by M.L. Rigdon


PLOT   – *****
FLOW – ****




This book is definitely a home run. I was hooked right from the beginning.
I have been sick for the past week and even though my eyes were watering and burning and I had a massive headache I found myself trying to read this book. 

Totally worth the pain!

Ahleah is a young girl who is just beginning to learn about her unique and powerful gifts. Before she has a chance to learn much of anything, the people her Elders always warned her about capture her. 
She is taken to an auction block to be sold to the highest bidder. Lucky for her a smart and powerful Atlantean buys her: Lord Heracles. 

He begins to suspect that she is very special and may be the key to saving his beloved Atlantis. 
Poor Ahleah doesn’t know what to think or who to trust. Lord Heracles son is the only one who she feels she can talk to, but she still isn’t sure if she can trust him.

This book was very well written. Any young adult would love it, but it is also a great read for any adult!
Many YA books are a little hard to get through because of the dialogue between the characters. It usually doesn’t bother me, but I can see how some people would rather not read it. 
This book has all the things a young adult would love without the annoying kiddish dialogue.

The world was also built wonderfully. There was the perfect amount of information shared without being overly wordy. 

To sum it up, I can’t wait to finish getting better so I can start in on the next book of the series!

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Stolen from her homeland, Ahleah is taken to the auction block in Atlantis where she’s bought by the powerful and clever Lord Heracles, who suspects her secret ability to control nature. With the discovery of her astonishing talents comes the unwanted attention of the evil high priest, Melasaris. Alone and frightened, Ahleah turns to the master’s son for help but never knows who to trust, the master holding her captive, or the son who holds her heart. Both expect her to save Atlantis from approaching disaster.

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Spotlight Book! “Song for Sophia” by Moriah Densley

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To win a man’s heart, a woman must have the mind of a diplomat, a general, and Cleopatra, all in one.

Desperation has led Anne-Sophia Duncombe to a life of exile. Still, she is always just one mistake away from capture and a marriage she would rather die than endure. As a last resort to remain hidden from her former life, Sophia attempts a radical scheme; a life of humility and disguise.

Rumor has it Wilhelm Montegue, the Earl of Devon, is insane. A tormented war hero haunted by scandal, he is only tolerated because of his brilliant mind and swarthy good looks. His unmentionable “condition,” which keeps him confined to his country home, is also the source of his talent for composing music.

When a new housemaid is hired at Rougemont, Lord Devon is perplexed to find himself fascinated by her. He knows the exquisite beauty is keeping secrets but her siren’s voice draws him ever closer, and he can’t resist the intoxicating scent of danger surrounding her.

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Spotlight Book! “Cursed: The Ring” by Mantissa Creed

Wow – this book is something else! The creatures in this book are amazing! Although they all have their basis in the normal angels, vampires, etc, the author puts such a unique spin on some of them that you will never see it coming.Yet somehow it all makes perfect sense. – Amazon Reviewer

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Time is the only factor that can be used to distinguish between lust, infatuation, and love. As time goes by, lust will evaporate like a puddle fighting against the midday sun,and infatuation will fade like dry petals blown to bits by the wind. However, love – true love will not only grow stronger, but deeper.

Alexandra is determined to know her true nature. However, with the truth, comes love, intertwined with lust, infatuation and unfulfilled desires. Knowing her inescapable past, Alexandra realizes that her existence is not only uncertain, but is also bound by a curse that threatens her immortality. 
One lifeline. One true love. And a Curse.




Book Review! “Sapphyre” by Jason Komito


PLOT   – ****
FLOW – ***




First of all, I just have to say that I love the name of this book. “Sapphyre”. It is so awesome that if I wasn’t completely done having kids I would have another just to name her Sapphyre!

The book starts out with Sapphyre trying to survive on the streets. She is an orphan and doesn’t remember her parents at all. 
She meets up with a boy named Katrivus, the leader of a group of orphans named the Pugs. He is smart enough to know that where one person is weak, a group is strong and can accomplish much more.
He teaches Sapphyre to read and it is with this group that she learns she can sense magic. 

Soon she meets a blind women who gives her a vision of her parents. She also gives her something that tells her which way she has to go to fulfill her destiny.
So she heads west and meets Ashcon, who is a Runestar. She is one of the very few people who can see his runes. 

This is where the adventure begins!
Things are starting to happen that were set forth in an ancient prophecy. Sapphyre sets out with Ashcon and Skken to find Sorenthor. 

He is her only hope to find out her heritage and destiny. 

This book was a great start to a series. The ending will definitely have you waiting with much anticipation for the second book!

The only con I can think of is the writing was a little rough sometimes. It is hard to meet so many characters (this book had a TON of them) when they all sound the same. Hard to differentiate and remember who is who. 
However, by the end you really know who the characters are and the story line has you very invested in their future. 

Definitely worth reading!

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Sapphyre has always known she has some innate magical ability, but being an orphan growing up on the streets, she is both unaware of where it comes from or how to control it. For the last two winters she has served ale and food in the Dragon’s Flagon and until this evening it has been rather uneventful. The stranger with the yellow eyes has accumulated a large stack of coin at the dice game and has attracted much attention. Sapphyre notices that with each winning role, what looks like a tattoo of a cat’s eye lights up on the man’s neck. Glancing around the table, she is shocked to see that no one else can see it.

Sapphyre learns the stranger’s name and, the following day, listens to his tale. Ashcon explains that he is a runestar and a defender of the light and the stars and has runes, not tattoos, all over his body, that enable him certain powers. The runes can only be seen when he activates them, and then only by extremely powerful practitioners of magic. Ashcon asks Sapphyre to join him and his companion Skken in a search for a man named Sorenthor who will be able to determine why she can see his runes and from where her magic hails.

The first book in this epic fantasy follows Sapphyre and her companions as they attempt to reach Sorenthor’s Library in the hopes of finding answers for Sapphyre as to her true heritage. The meeting between Ashcon and Sapphyre has put into play ancient prophecies. The followers of the Zagador, the Dark Gods, led by Ashcon’s brother Drak’thonn, are spurred into motion and will stop at nothing to track down and destroy Ashcon and his companions and plunge the world into Eternal Night.

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Spotlight Book! “The Man Who Built Boxes and other stories” by Frank Tavares

Frank Tavares really is a terrific storyteller; like someone surrounded by folks at a party or the person sitting next to you on an airplane who keeps you totally enthralled during the entire flight. Amazon Reviewer 


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In these twelve stories, you’ll meet a remarkable cast of complex, quirky characters tangled up in the limits they’ve put on their lives. Driven by love or loneliness, like the man in the title, they’ve boxed themselves in. Frank Tavares tells their stories with humor and compassion. And while the themes may be familiar””crumbling marriages, feuding neighbors, sparring business partners, and the endless searching for what might have been””here they become fresh, unpredictable, and surprising. This exciting debut collection from a first-rate storyteller will haunt and fascinate you long after you finish reading. You may never look at a chance pick-up in a bar the same way again.

“Too often, life stuns us with nuances and a mix of emotions that need time and patience to digest. Frank Tavares’s greatest gift is in delivering all of these layers and textures in a single pass and doing so with a beautiful taste of humor to make it all palatable. The stories contained in The Man Who Built Boxes run the whole gamut from painful to absurd to pure joy and comedy. . . . This is a writer you’ll want to know, writing a life you’ll be happy you’ve lived in for a while,” said Jack B. Bedell, author of Bone-Hollow, True: New & Selected Poems and director of Louisiana Literature Press.


˃˃˃ “Frank is as enjoyable to read as he is to listen to”. – Tom Bodett, author, blogger, and panelist on NPR’s Wait, Wait . . . Don’t Tell Me!

If you’re an NPR listener, then you already know Frank Tavares. For many years, he’s been called “The Most Heard Voice” on public radio. Listeners across the country have heard him dozens of times a day as the man who says “Support for NPR comes from NPR member stations and . . . .”, announcing the funding credits after every national news and information program. Now readers can discover his gift for fiction.

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Stolen from her homeland, Ahleah is taken to the auction block in Atlantis where she’s bought by the powerful and clever Lord Heracles, who suspects her secret ability to control nature. With the discovery of her astonishing talents comes the unwanted attention of the evil high priest, Melasaris. Alone and frightened, Ahleah turns to the master’s son for help but never knows who to trust, the master holding her captive, or the son who holds her heart. Both expect her to save Atlantis from approaching disaster.


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