Book Review! “Fort Ross” by Dmitri Poletaev


PLOT   – *****
FLOW – ****



After the recent problems with Russia, I couldn’t help but be drawn to Fort Ross. Although this is solidly a historical novel, it also dips into the realm of a fast paced sci-fi novel. Only a lot more educational!

I never realized that Russia used to own parts of what is now the United States. That is just one of the things this amazing time travel, historical novel taught me.

On top of the educational aspect, Dmitri is a very well developed character. You can help but feel a connection to him as he travels through time as a reporter. The story he get is much more profound than he first anticipated. The only problem is, will he live to tell the tale?

Overall this book is a very well written novel. Wether you are into history or sci-fi, this is a great choice. Don’t miss out, add it to your TBR list today!


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How far could Russia go to regain its geopolitical supremacy? You think Ukraine is the goal? Think again.
Did you know that not only Alaska belonged to Russia, but that even the northern parts of California belonged to Russia, as well? Fort Ross, an early 19th century Russian settlement and fortress still located on the Russian River ninety miles north of San Francisco in a national historic park, marked the southern border of the Russian Empire in that distant time.
At the peak of its power, Russia suddenly abandoned its colonies. Why?
An international TV crew had been arranged to make a documentary about the history of Fort Ross. The crew was comprised of Dmitry, a Russian reporter already famous in his country; Margo, the sound engineer of the film crew, who is a very pretty and very independent American girl in her twenties; and videographer Jeff, a guy from Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.
Upon their arrival on the location, and as a result of the malfunctioning of his iPhone, Dmitry has been thrown back in time, into the Fort Ross of the 1820s. What a great opportunity to take some real historic shots!
However, soon he realizes that what he has in his hands is much more serious—and much more dangerous—than just a device to make unprecedented documentary footage.
In the breathtaking gallop of events, along with their thrilling adventures, the friends will find answers to the century long conspiracy, to love, and to the destinies of their own lives.


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