Book Review! “The Keeper” by Martha Carr


PLOT   – *****
FLOW – ****




If you follow this blog, you know I love me a series. Especially a well written one with some amazing characters that I can fall in love with more and more.

So when I saw that this was the second book in a series my heart dropped a little. I hate coming late to a party, but I figured that if it was good I could always read the first one and re-read The Keeper. Then I could let you, my loyal followers, know how well it was as a stand alone.

The Keeper follows Wallis Jones as she continues to come to terms with the chaos her life has become. Why the chaos? Oh, just the usual “she finds out that there are two secret organizations that ACTUALLY control everything and that she and her family are at the center of it”. Nothing too out of the ordinary….

As the presidential elections come near, things really heat up between The Circle and Management (the two rival organizations) and Wallis struggles to protect her family. Especially her son Ned who has been dubbed The Savior.

However, things are once again not as they seem and as she learns the truth behind her families bloodline and the connection she has to BOTH of the organizations.

Overall it was a great novel. Since I didn’t read the first book, the beginning was a little more confusing for me. Soon though, I was caught up in the characters and the story-line.

Highly recommend, although I would personally start this amazing series with the first book before this one.


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Wallis Jones returns in The Keeper, the second book in the Wallis Jones series, and is picking up the pieces after finding out she’s part of a conspiracy she can’t kill off and has to learn to live inside of it. Her husband, Norman has been part of the conspiracy all along but kept his silence. Her son, Ned is growing up and still reeling from getting caught in the crossfire. Two large secret organizations now see him as the prize but Wallis has different plans.

A war has broken out as one side tries to force the hand of the other and they battle across state lines trying to gain control and win the presidential election. All along, Wallis works to build a life and get out of the way. The Keeper shows up in a twist and changes the landscape for her, once again, testing her faith, her resolve and making her question if, for once, she will not be able to figure out what to do in time.


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