Book Review! “The Trifecta” by J.P. Brewner


PLOT   – ****
FLOW – *****




The Trifecta: Initiation is a very well written and imaginative Y/A *coming of age* novel. It resembles our favorite super hero stories, but brings enough uniqueness to the table that it doesn’t feel like it is something you have already read at all.

The main character is a boy named Michael. We follow him as he travels from Africa to join an invitation only school, the Hero Institute, that specializes in super hero training. Michael also lives in a Dystopian world that was torn apart by fighting and the same organization that runs Hero Institute is trying to regain control of the world and bring peace. The Trifecta is the name of the group.

Of course, there are plot twists you never see coming and absolutely nothing is cut and dry for Michael. I particularly loved the pace that the world is built. It isn’t rushed, but it also doesn’t take until the very end for something to happen. Very few authors can pull off the perfect pace like in this book. Add to that the descriptive writing and highly imaginative story line and you have an amazing Young Adult dystopian novel. Although, I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying this book, even if they are a little older than a young adult. I know I sure did.

Don’t miss out, definitely add this to your TBR list!


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“This is not a hero’s story.”
In the wake of a devastating explosion, the world has crumbled to the criminals of society. Now the Trifecta, a powerful organization, fights to regain peace and prosperity across the world. Their leader recruits Michael Fleming, a 15 year old boy who has spectacular abilities. Shortly after arriving in The Trifecta’s city, Michael discovers he must uncover a traitor who has already killed dozens of the Trifecta’s best operatives. In the process of forming new friendships, Michael struggles to develop his powers and find his own path during his first year of training. But he can’t shake the feeling that his new allies are hiding something from him while an ominous force watches from the shadows, influencing every move he makes.



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