Book Review! “A Thread in the Tangle” by Sabrina Flynn


PLOT   – ****
FLOW – ***



I am not going to lie, I thought long and hard before accepting this review request. A new author with their first book in a series. There have been quite a few times I have been left hanging and the author never wrote another book. I decided to take my chances with A Thread in the Tangle because it looked so promising! I’m really glad I did as it was an amazing book, now I will just hope and pray that the series will continue!

This book mainly follows a Nymph called Isiilde. There are a few other main characters (Oenghus and Marsais) but she is the one who drives the story-line. Isiilde lives in a world where Nymphs are little more than property and are bought and sold to be used for their powers. At four Oenghus takes over as her guardian and at fourteen Marsais takes over her instruction. When she is due to be sold by her father she wants to change her destiny and be free but isn’t sure how to go about it. Soon events will start her life spiraling out of control and all we can do is “hold on” and see what happens. 

This is a great start to a series! The beginning took a little while to get going, and there were places that had serious “information dumps” but overall this is a solid four star read. Just as a fair warning, the ending did have a crazy cliff-hanger. So if you aren’t into those you might want to wait until the second book comes out, but definitely put this one on your TBR list because it is a keeper. 

Highly recommend! 


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In a shattered realm where gods breathe and battle, sixteen-year-old Isiilde must find her feet among people who both despise and crave her kind. She trembles on a precipice, caught between the lust of men, the greed of kings, and an eternal struggle for dominance. As three powerful kingdoms vie to own her, the fire in her blood awakens, sparking a cataclysm of events that spiral into disaster. A barbarian, a madman, and a timid nymph are all who stand between light and oblivion.




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