Book Review! “Turnstiles” by Andrea McKenzie Raine


PLOT   – ****
FLOW – *****



I couldn’t wait to read Turnstiles. I knew it had the potential to be a really intriguing, thought provoking read. Thankfully it lived up to its potential and I enjoyed reading every page. 

 The book is written as three different stories that all have the same theme. Learning to take control of your destiny and accepting your lot in life, but not accepting that it has to stay that way forever. Reading Martin, Willis,  and Evelyn’s stories made me think about my own life and I love it when a book does that. 

The writing was smooth, the plot unique and compelling and the characters were well fleshed out. Although all the stories were good, Evelyn’s (also known as Yvonne) story touched me the most and I felt the most connected to her. 

 Overall this book is a solid five stars and I highly recommend to anyone looking for a different book from the norm. 


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Martin Sourdough is a homeless person who has chosen to turn his back on the corporate, material world; Willis Hancocks Jr. is a barrister, an alcoholic philanderer, and a misogynist; and Evelyn (aka Yvonne) is a prostitute. Turnstiles speaks to these social problems through the smaller scope of each character’s individual trials. There is a struggle that exists between the need to serve one’s own needs and the expectation to participate in the larger social scheme. Martin and Willis are both trying to fit into the world, but on their own terms. They are naïve, searching for an Eden-like state of being. Through a broader experience of personal fortune, misfortune, travel, and social interactions, they each learn to accept their path and take control of their own destinies. 



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