Book Review! “Seal of the King” by Ralph Smith


PLOT   – *****
FLOW – *****




I’ll admit, I kind of figured this would be another *cookie cutter* love story, with a few differences thrown in for flavor. Not that I don’t love those as well. We all know that every love story has already been written! Or have they?

Unfortunately for my long list of chores (but fortunately for me) Seal of the King was much more engrossing than I anticipated. 
Aurora and David were such interesting and unique characters, and the story line had so many twists and turns that you never saw coming. 

The book itself is quite long, which gives you enough time to truly come to know the world and the characters. The bad news is that it’s written so well it still feels super short anyway! Oh well, I guess as far as things to complain about go that is a good thing 😛

There are Christian elements woven into the story. I don’t personally see it offending anyone but the most sensitive to such things. 

I have a hard time recommending this to any particular genre, because it brings so much to the table. I would say that if you love reading, you should give this one a try!


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The battle between dark and light rages and the world is on the cusp of a tipping point. Will an age of darkness befall mankind or will the light prevail? 
David and Aurora have seen visions of each other their entire lives but never met, until now. Aurora a fearsome warrior and David a simple farmer are thrust into the heart of the battle. An ancient prophecy foretells of their final showdown with the Dark One. Will their faith be strong enough for them to prevail? 
Join them as they embark on their journey to the lair of the beast knowing they may never return.


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