Book Review! “Deadly Vows” by Robert Marsh


PLOT   – *****
FLOW – ***




Most of the time I pass on reviewing short story collections. I am more of a series kind of girl and short stories are basically the anti-series! We definitely don’t connect. 

However, Deadly Vows caught my attention because it was so unique. The collection is more of a hybrid cross between a poem and a story. 
My favorite was probably “Ain’t No Sunshine”. That is one of the great qualities about story collections. Most everyone can find one that speaks to them. Although I can also almost guarantee your favorite will change depending on what mood you are in. 

The whole book is pretty dark, and the emotions almost jump out and bite you. Since it is so dark and emotional it does have some foul language. If that kind of stuff seriously offends your sensibilities then I would pass on it. 

If you like reading things that are off the beaten path then this book is for you. 
I feel like I have to buy a paperback version of it just because it holds so much emotion and an ebook just can’t handle it. 
Plus that way I can pull it off the shelves and look at it anytime I want! 

The only thing that keeps it at a four stars is the fact that there are some pretty obvious typos. 


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“In life or death, sometimes the actions toward another person are not forgotten.  The invasions of another persons mind set can cause the viewer to take a step back, sit up and imagine that the enemy does not see what is coming.  They are in the inner part of the enemy head to feel the pain and not mix it up.
            In a new line up of horror stories, Mr. Marsh takes us to the existence that there is more to life and death that we already know.  Marsh focuses hard on showing us the different views of how pain and a doormat person can live inside us all and not realizing it until it is to late.
            Marsh mind set is so strong on the death of him, that he sheds a dark light just to allow us to read a little concerning the demons inside us all.  The style he shows is very conversational and straight forward in his own dark ways.
            A book inside a book, “The Deadly Vows” is the mindset of Mr. Marsh.  “The Deadly Vows” is powerful and offers us to see the evil we care not to see.  The question after reading this book is, “Is it safe to go out again, knowing that there are people that are out there with his mindset.  The “The Deadly Vows” is a dark and painful raw emotions book to read and it bares a spectrum of themes to comprehend.”


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