Book Review! “Nobility” by Eva Caye


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Nobility is the third book I have read in the *To Be Sinclair* series. It is by far my favorite. 
I’m not really sure if it is because it truly is the best one of the books so far, or if it is just because I am becoming more and more attached to the Universe that is the common theme with all of these books. 

I am certain that Prince Matthieu is one of my favorite Sinclair characters. This whole book was mostly about him dealing with all of his many many duties while trying to balance a somewhat normal life AND find some happiness. Whew. No minor task.

It is so hard to write a review for a book such as this. There really is no way to portray how interesting and enthralling it truly is!

The way the author writes the story just drawn you in and doesn’t let you go. I can only imagine the massive imagination she must have to be able to create the universe and the characters she has. 

About the only complaint I have with this book is that there are some spots where it did drag on. Nothing that detracted from the story overall – just a few spots that seemed to just be *fillers*. 

Overall I highly recommend the To Be Sinclair series. There is something about these books that you just don’t come across very often, and I will be reading them  all more than once! 


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Prince Matthieu Sinclair, the Heir Second, has many duties; he must not only take space duty in the Service, he also establishes the Imperial Protocol Academy to educate the multitude of Imperial youngsters in the basics of their lifestyle, since he will be the Emperor of their generation. Yet to find a lady who could withstand the pressures of being his Empress is a formidable task! 
When he returns from an undercover assignment to find disaster, Matthieu subsumes his needs to minimize the stress on his family, for they are more important than anything else. Yet when a diplomatic mission goes wrong and his strongest role model dies, who will help him cope with the tragedy? 

Book length: approximately 200,000 words 

This science fiction romance is the seventh book of the eight-part To Be Sinclair series. The saga continues with NOBILITY and ends with MORALITY, which detail the romances and political struggles of the future Emperor and the power behind the throne. Several scenes describe sexually explicit behavior.


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