Book Review! “A Message From The Sparticist League” by G.A. Southern


PLOT   – ****
FLOW – ****



I always get excited to read a mystery. Especially when it has the added bonus of being a mystery/thriller.  
Some books let me down, but “A Message from the Sparticist League” was definitely not one of them!

It hooked me pretty much from the first chapter and called to me every time I tried to put it down until the ending. The ending I never saw coming I might add!

It seems that this book or genre has something in common with James Bond type stuff. I have never really watched those movies but after reading this I really want to!

The characters were very well developed. So much so that they almost came to life right off the page. They were all so different from each other but they blended together flawlessly at the same time. 

Anyone who is in the mood for a great murder mystery with plenty of other twists and turns thrown in should definitely grab this book up. It would be a perfect book to read at the pool or on the beach. It’s almost that time of year again!


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Food and sex, love and death. They happen to all of us, but not equally. 

It’s February 2004 in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Life is good but also cold, boring, and bourgeois smug. So when you spot someone who, decades ago, handed you a Trotskyist leaflet at the Whitehall Street Induction Center in New York City, of course you follow him. Why wouldn’t you? 

This is the story of a man who stumbles across a small piece of his past that’s haunted him since 1968 and, on a whim, sets out to uncover the truths and lies behind it. What he finds instead is a beautiful and mysterious secret agent, murder, and a guerilla band of ruthless rogue capitalists intent on capturing an unlikely, yet critically important, piece of the global economy.

Forty years late, here’s the first, and maybe the last, New Left detective thriller. The moral of the story is that there are no morals, only politics. Make sure your life is an adventure.


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