Spotlight Book! “Intimate Conversations for Couples” by Bill Syrios


Is your marriage in trouble? Or maybe you never want it to GET to that point in the first place!
Don’t miss this book that has helped SO many couples rekindle their relationship.


Are you getting all the romance, passion and joy you want in your relationship? Wouldn’t you like to… 


• Tell your partner how he or she can fully love you? 


• Be fully listened to and completely understood in the process? 


• Be nurtured and cherished in the unique way you feel loved? 


When it comes to the opposite sex, the intimacy rules are different! 


This book will help you understand and overcome those differences by sharing an ordinary couple’s extraordinary weekend of intimate conversations. Sarah and Matt get away from the house, the kids and their daily lives to listen to each other’s hearts, explore their differences and deepen their connection. 


Intimate Conversations enhances the lessons of their freewheeling dialogue with practical how-to sections inviting readers to explore their own hearts and those of their partners. 


Sarah and Matt’s weekend conversation will help you turn on your own love life by changing the way you express your love for your partner and by helping your partner do the same for you. Once you understand each other’s love frames, you will hold the keys to pursuing the highest level of intimacy with the one you love. 


Are you ready to turn your relationship into the lifelong love affair it was meant to be? 


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