Book Review! “Besieged” by L.P. Lovell



PLOT   – ****
FLOW – ****





There are so many things I loved about this book! 
First, the prologue was awesome. I do sometimes look around and just think how complex our world is. Everyone has their own unique story. 

Lilly’s story is a dark one, but she puts on a show for the world. 
Theo is a rich playboy…but perhaps there is some deep dark desire inside him to actually give his heart to the right girl?
When Lilly and Theodore actually meet! Wow, let’s just say it makes for one witty, steamy, *can’t put it down* read. 

I really enjoyed how both Lilly and Theodore took turns being the protagonist. It made it very interesting to know both of their thought processes. 
The setting being in London was also a plus for me. Seeming that I am from the States and I have never been there. 
I love to travel via books! 

Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a steamy read with a complex (and sometimes dark) story line.
If you absolutely can’t STAND cliffhangers than you may want to wait until the next book comes out….the ending may leave you either throwing the book across the room or carefully putting your reading device down while slowly walking away 😛


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What would you do if you were granted millions of pounds and a face that melts the underwear off of any woman? Meet Theodore Ellis, the business man who parties like a rock star, and has more women than he has room on his bed post to put the notches.

Meet Lilly Parker. With a difficult past; Lilly is cold, closed off and emotionally unavailable in every way. Don’t go thinking she’s the sweet and innocent victim though, she plays the game better than most men, and is the original use and abuse woman.
She’s built her walls ten feet high and topped with razor wire, but Theo is relentless in the face of a challenge and Lilly finds herself besieged by him. Can he get in her pants? Or will the unsuspecting man whore go a step further and finally tear down her walls? Unlikely.

This is no hearts and flowers love story, it is a battle of wills as a woman who trusts no-one denies a man who has never been denied.

Cue fireworks as female sass meets alpha male tenacity.

Besieged will make you laugh, fantasize and perhaps even shed a tear. 


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