Spotlight Book! “Gorgons & Gargoyles” by Judith Post

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Gorgons & Gargoyles is a collection of five novellas: Flesh & Stone, Gargoyle, Missing, Samuel Meets His Match, A Natural Affinity, and a never-before-published title, Pack Problems! 
When Ally is attacked by a warlock in a restaurant parking lot, she worries that she’ll meet the same fate as her two sisters: DEAD. She shifts and survives the battle, but one of Summit City’s gargoyles—guardians who keep order among the supernaturals—realizes she’s more than just a mortal. When he realizes what she is and that she’s in danger, he and his three, fellow gargoyles swear to protect her. In the process, she falls for Dante, and she and the gargoyles become a team. After that, each gargoyle realizes there’s more to life than duty and service, and each finds his own soul mate until the gargoyle “family” is complete. 


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