Book Review! “The Sky Between Two Worlds” by Glen E. Books


PLOT   – *****
FLOW – *****




This work is labeled as a Science Fiction novel. It certainly does fit some of the criteria for that, but it is definitely not *hard core* sci-fi. In fact, it is kind of ominous in the sheer fact that anything and everything in this book could actually happen! 

In the not to distant future, science and technology determine who is the ultimate world power. The United States is in a constant struggle with the Middle East to stay ahead. 

We follow Kantak Johnshon, a native Alaskan as he studies at MIT and eventually goes back to his long distance girlfriend back home. 

Things really go to a head when the two world powers disagree on oil prices. That causes a huge electromagnetic burst of energy to be used as a weapon….we all know what kind of devastation that would bring about in a world so heavily dependent on technology and electricity. 

Will the men in power stop destroying the world before it’s too late? 

Great, fast paced read! The only thing that brought it down to four stars is the fact that the characters all had the same *personality*. I really, really, REALLY have a hard time keeping characters straight when they all have the same voice and reactions. Overall not too much of a detraction from an otherwise great novel. 

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A story of intrigue, love, battle and survival in a future world of titanic East-West conflict. Tragic events and miscalculations sweep nations toward global conflict. Leaders confront the consequences and struggle to shape the future world. The story is told by those caught up in the struggle, including Kantak Johnson who, about to graduate college, discovers a technology that can change the balance of world power. Suddenly he finds himself in the realm of assassins, covert actions and a war that threatens him, his friends, his family, and his country.


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