Book Review! “Master of the Dark” by M. L. Rigdon


PLOT   – ****
FLOW – ***





I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book after reading The Vital a few months ago (you can see my review of The Vital HERE). I loved the first book in the series and I actually re-read it before starting in on Master of the Dark.

The book starts and it has been over three years since Ahleah was abducted from her homeland. She is now under the protection of the King Poseidon. 
She is little more than a prisoner, albeit in a beautiful prison. 

Although she does have friends, like Weng and Peracles, she also has enemies. The most powerful being Melasaris. 
When she has to go back to live with Melasaris I almost had a heart attack right along with her. 

To put it bluntly – I love this series. All of the characters are so 3-D and jump right  off the page at you. I feel excitement right along with Ahleah when Percoles shows up and terror when Melasaris is around. 
Ahleah herself is still growing and discovering her powers (as we find out at the end – hint hint) and I seriously can not wait for the next installment in the series. 

Overall I highly recommend. As always, you know me, I would suggest you start with the first book of the series

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Ahleah of the Western Continent has become a political pawn known as The Vital. Her meteoric rise from auction block on Atlantis, to slave owned by the powerful and clever Lord Heracles, to an object of the king’s fascination, has condemned her to protected prisoner status within palace walls. 

Peracles, son of Lord Heracles, the only person Ahleah trusts, has been sent away for training to become her Guardian. With his return comes the devastating news that he must marry for state reasons, leaving Ahleah at the mercy of Dark Master Melasaris. His goal is her death, even though she’s the nation’s only hope of survival, as every day catapults them closer to disaster and the end of Atlantis.


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