Book Review! “Cybermancy” by Tex Leiko

PLOT   – *****
FLOW – ***



I couldn’t wait to read this book! After the first book (Crimson Rain – REVIEW HERE) ended I really couldn’t imagine where this book was going to go. Couldn’t wait to find out! Now I am having a hard time coming up with a review that doesn’t give too much away. 

Max is better than ever in his new body with nanobot technology. His first mission is to save Crimson. Whatever is left that is. 
He then meets up with Xivah (who obviously doesn’t recognize him at first) and they head back to Ilxeion and meet up with Zarfa. 

The question is, what happens now? They are all together, but they are in underground caves with both of the powers that be above ground as enemies.Max seems to think he is untouchable in his new body, but Reginald is just as convinced that he can find a weakness in him.

Will they be able to succeed in their revolution? Max is a genius when it comes to genetic modification, but will it be enough? 

The ending left me drooling for the next book! *Hint Hint* 
Definitely recommend for any Sci-Fi fan. You will want to read the first book in the series first though. 

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Immediately following the events in Crimson Rain, Cybermancy follows the story of the failed rebellion. 

As Max races to save Crimson, he is met with a new and challenging enemy, Reginald. The young girl that Max had saved struggles to escape Alexandria and seek refuge in Ilyeion before the mandatory inoculation. Meanwhile, Zarfa struggles to turn his newly formed encampment of refugees into an army to be reckoned with. 

Will they survive? Will they be able to stop Reginald and the Alexarien government in time to save humanity? Or will they be doomed to repeat the same failure as the first rebellion?


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