Book Review! “Desperate Endurance” by Kasey Riley


PLOT   – *****
FLOW – ****



Every time I read a mystery/suspense novel I wonder why I don’t read them ALL the time. 
Especially such a well written one like Desperate Endurance!

I fell in love with Bethany right away. I was so happy for her that she finally found herself free from her less than stellar ex-husband Bobby. 
I think we all know those girls in real life, and are so happy for the ones who find freedom.
I think the fact that she found her freedom among horses and riding sealed the deal for me. I love horses! 

The murder happens right at the beginning of the story when she is at a campsite with her horses. The suspense is very believable and well paced. I think we all have that inner fear of being chased…not knowing when the pursuers will catch up!

I really liked Roger. A regular upstanding cowboy. I thought he and Bethany fit together nicely and the fact that they were trying to figure who murdered his father added a nice element to the dynamic. 

Overall it was really well written, and as a reader I wasn’t able to let my guard down at all! Making it a fast paced read, exactly how I like them. 

Solid 5 stars!

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When endurance rider and divorcee Bethany witnesses a murder at a highway rest area, she’s forced to elude the killers while locating the victim’s son to pass on documents as the victim requested. Told to trust no one, she struggles to create a new persona in order to hide her identity from the killers as she takes on the challenge of finding widower Roger Meadows, the handsome son of the murder victim. She manages to overcome her shyness to become a sassy redhead whose bold personality allows her to meet and intrigue Roger while avoiding those who are hunting her.They learn to trust each other as they delve into the death of his father and work to avoid the killers. It is a desperate ride at the end of the story that provides the information needed to solve the mystery and cement their love. 
This novel appeals to readers of Suspense, Romance and Mystery. The characters are rich and believable as is the plot and locations. Celebrating and reflecting the values of small town America in the background while the characters struggle to solve the mystery surrounding the death of Richard Meadows.

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