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Beverly Rollins is having lunch at the Atrium restaurant with her best friend and coworker, Ruth Powers. She    has just confided to Ruth that she is very close to scheduling a meeting with a man, Christopher Mason, whom she met online at a notorious dating website called Cupid’s Boudoir. 

Beverly confides to Ruth that she feels terribly neglected by her husband, Norman, and her two young children.
She describes one example of Norman’s indifference toward her:

“Wait until you hear what happened one morning about a month ago,” Beverly said. 
“I had just pushed the kids out the front door for school. Norman was deep into the Journal. I said, Norman, I’m having an affair. ”
“You’re kidding,” Ruth said.
“No. I did it for kicks. You know what he said?”
“Tell me.”
“He never looked up,” Beverly said. “Norman never took his eyes off the Journal and all he said was, Umm really.”
“That’s incredible,” Ruth said. Her face showed disbelief. 

She is actually considering having an affair with Christopher, whom she has been chatting with online for three weeks. She feels that she has a lot in common with Christopher, who seems to be a romantic and gentle man anxious to meet her. Beverly doesn’t want to break up her marriage, but she has a need for some of the excitement she experienced with Norman early in their marriage


During their lunch, Beverly says she is going to give it one more try with Norman. She is sending the kids overnight to their sitter, then she will prepare a delicious dinner for Norman. She’ll wear a sexy outfit, will seduce him and take him to bed. Hopefully all of this will result in once again bringing back the old Norman. She tells Ruth that if Norman doesn’t respond to her seduction, she is definitely going to meet Christopher Mason. She puts on her best cocktail dress and wears Norman’s favorite perfume. After her bath, she admires her body in her full-length mirror:Her shoulders were pulled back to enhance the view of her large breasts. She lovingly ran her hand slowly over both mounds. She pinched her nipples, and was inwardly proud of the way they stood out in two hard, pink points. Turning gradually, she admired her breasts from three different mirror angles. I do have a great pair of knockers, Beverly thought. The total idea of the coming seduction of Norman visibly excited her. She rubbed both nipples with the palm of her hand. Her breathing became deeper. She sucked in her abdomen as much as possible and arched her back while she turned and viewed her firm behind. She ran her fingers gently over the slight swelling of her abdomen. 


Norman enjoys the dinner, but says he is very tired from a hard day at the office. Later, she gets him upstairs, and goes into the bathroom to change into something more comfortable. Wearing her sexiest lingerie, she makes her grand entrance into the bedroom. What happens after all the effort she has put into her seduction of Norman? Will she meet Christopher and begin an affair with him? You, the reader, won’t be able to put this e-book down as you read about Beverly’s erotic adventures.


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