Spotlight Book! “One Week to Save Your Marriage” by K. Ryan

If you’re stuck in rut, scared that you’re losing control of your marriage then you need to read this book.
It provides some really useful and helpful tips, ideas and exercises, things that I would never thought of myself. It puts things in perspective and shows you a new way of looking at things. It helps you find the truth in your relationship and that’s invaluable. Well done.Amazon Reviewer 


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Has your marriage lost the love and passion that it used to have? Don’t give up! 

One Week to Save Your Marriage is an essential workbook for women who are in desperate need of reigniting a dying spark of love. 

Put the exercises in the book to practice every day for one week to help turn your marriage around. You’ll find soul-searching questions to ask yourself, suggestions for change, and specific exercises that are to be done every day. 

If you are married and unhappy, looking for ways to keep your man, and looking for ways to turn an unhealthy relationship into a healthy one, One Week to Save Your Marriage is a must-read guidebook. 

You’ll learn how to change negative behaviors, how to nurture yourself, and how you can’t be a loving partner when you do not love yourself. 

You’ll learn how men think and why you can’t project your feelings onto your partner, you’ll discover the simple way to get what you want from your partner – just ask!, and many tips and techniques for turning a dying relationship around.


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