Book Review! “Be Happy: How to Live Your Life By Design” by Aisa Ross



INformation   – ****
FLOW – ***



As much as I love to read, I find it very important to supplement my “pointless but oh so fun” books with personal growth books. 
I think they are very, very important. 

This one was great in a really unique way. The author was very honest about her struggles as a child and coping with her bipolar and other health issues.
There is something special about getting advice from someone who managed to turn their life around in such a dramatic way.

The biggest thing I find with self help and any kind of healing/health issue is that the person must WANT to change. One of the biggest reasons I am such an advocate on reading books like this is because you never know when you are going to find something that *speaks* to you. 

Overall I found the information to be helpful and easy to follow. Anyone who has a mental illness or just needs to have more structure and purpose in their life would benefit from reading this book. 


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“Be Happy: How to live your life by design!” is an easy and simplistic guide to help you in finding answers to complex questions such as: 
“Why do I do the things I do?” 
“Why do I self-sabotage?” 
“Why can’t I change my behavior?” 
“How can I be happy?” 
“What can I do to improve my life’s situation?” 

Aisa Ross

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