Spotlight Book! “Defeat Shyness” by Terrance Lee

One of the best books I have seen this year, Terrance truly went all out on this book. He explored every aspect of the shy personality and brought up meaningful and very effective methods to counteract the hated shyness. An easy to read book filled with tips I can truly relate to and use in my new outlook on life. This book has changed it all for me and I lift my hat to Terrance in gratitude.AMAZON REVIEWER 


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Have you ever wondered how to get that gorgeous woman, great job, new car, and home?

The answer is short and simple. Defeat Shyness. In this book, you will learn great conversation starters, how to keep the conversation flowing smoothly, how to build superior confidence, how to land a great job, and much, much more.

Did you know that a woman is going to give you 3 seconds to grab her attention? Do you know what to say in those 3 seconds? If not, you will. Everything you need to know is right here in this easy to follow, easy to understand guide. You will definitely be impressed with the results.

Here is a sample of what you’ll learn:

  • 8 ways to build confidence

  • How the eyes speak louder than words

  • Ways to let go of shyness for good

  • How to get what you want quick and easy

  • Tools, Tips, and Techniques


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