Book Review “Weather Wits and Science Snickers” by Steve LaNore


FLOW – ****



This was the greatest little book I have read to my kids in a long time! I had my 12 year old read this to me and her little sisters, ages 5 and 7. 

My 12 year old really enjoyed it. She is more the creative type, and this book is chock full of amazing little tidbits and it is presented in a way that even if you don’t like the subject of Science you will love this book. 

I’m not (too) ashamed to admit that I didn’t really know most of the information in this book either! 
I mean, do you know exactly what fossil fuel is? Or what has to happen to the clouds for the moon to have a halo around it?These are just a few of the questions that will be answered in this book.
If you already know the answers, kudos go to you! 😛 

The jokes were well placed and illustrated. My kids especially loved the joke about “Jupiter going to the doctor”. 
Also, the illustrations and pictures in general were AWESOME. 

This would be a GREAT book to gift to any child on your christmas list.
I would say the target audience is pretty right on. I think that you could even push it to 14 or 15 year olds and they would still enjoy it. Especially if they are interested in Science. 

The author recommends the paper back version for the best experience, you can get it

You can get the Kindle version 




“Weather Wits and Science Snickers” is a kid’s
book but adults will like it too. It’s a comic book, but it’s not. It’s silly
but serious as well. It’s not a textbook, but readers will learn some neat facts.

Adults and children alike will enjoy the funny comic-style illustrations and
upbeat mood. The book covers a wide range of topics, from cold fronts
and tornadoes to the planet Jupiter and even vacuum cleaners on the

Each corny joke and full-color illustration is followed by an age-appropriate (2nd grade and up) explanation, and real-world images. Resource Web links are indexed in the back for further study. 

Reading Weather Wits along with your kids can make for a fun and educational time together. You’ll find it a breezy  and informative read for weather and science
lovers of all ages!

“Weather Wits & Science Snickers” book is written by a 5-time award winning meteorologist with 27 years broadcast experience.

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