Book Review! “Jill” by C.W. Schultz


PLOT   – *****
FLOW – ****




I purposefully waited until Halloween to read this story. It didn’t disappoint! I couldn’t have hand-picked a better choice. 

This is one of those books that will hook right from the first few pages and have you rushing back to it every chance you get. 

Right at the beginning of the book you meet Rachel. It doesn’t take you long to realize that Rachel is the killer that the police know as “Jill”. She kills her first victim in a way that will leave you wondering if you can go on in the first few pages……of course you can’t help but go on!

Rachel has what every man hating serial killer could want. She gets all the Norcuron she could need from her brother. She also happens to catch the eye of a lead detective on the “Jill” case when her husband leaves her. The perfect informant!

What could possibly go wrong? Ummmmm, a LOT! 

There were so many twists and turns, characters and angles, that it will make your head spin. In a good way.
It was written well so it was never confusing. The characters were well developed and you knew exactly who was who. I hate books that you can’t remember which character is which. 

Overall it was book I would recommend to anyone. 
Solid five stars!

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At home, Rachel Rhodes is a mother and wife. At work, she is a manager. At night, she is the infamous serial killer known only as Jill. Her secret will eventually affect everyone in her life, from her family members to the detectives investigating the case.

Luck starts off on her side as she befriends heartbroken detective Cole Dale, who’s an important link to the investigation. However, that luck seems to fade when Rachel meets Cole’s partner, an unorthodox and mentally unstable detective, Perry Charleton, driven by personal reasons to stop Jill using any means necessary.

The novel is told in an omniscient narrative style, allowing the story to have a hauntingly neutral perspective which disguises everything as it progresses and leaves no room for predictability, entangling the reader in a web of evil. Layered with symbolism and motifs, leaving the story to come together like a puzzle through the characters’ actions and interactions; its themes deal with such issues as dysfunction, impressionability and influence, sexism, racism and even humiliation.


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