Book Review! “Thoughts of a Pure Mind” by Calvin Bland


FLOW – ****



I have always loved poems. I am always looking for ways to help my brain think creatively about a situation. Usually that is exactly what a poem does. 
I really like how this book had a positive spin as well. 

That doesn’t mean I don’t love Edgar Allen Poe and his poems, but they are more for entertainment purposes more than anything else. 
THIS book will actually leave you feeling better about life. 

If I had to pick my favorite poems I would probably pick *Yes or No* and *Magic*. 
The great thing about a book of poems is that there is usually something for everyone, no matter your personal taste. 

The only thing that was confusing with this book is that the BOLD text that corresponds to the poems is UNDER the poem. 
At first I thought that the bold text was the introduction. It had me wondering a few times until I figured that out.

Overall this would be a great book for anyone. The paperback as a gift is also a really good idea. 
Almost that time of year again!

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Thoughts of a pure mind is a book of poems. The poems found in this book aren’t just your average poetry writings. These poems will enlighten the reader to embark on new thoughts and ways of thinking. The author challenges the reader to open their minds to concepts that may seem foreign. Read about new concepts on politics, religion, education, love, hate, peace and war. Thoughts of a pure mind will help an un pure mind become pure once again. Because a mind is a terrible thing to waste. 

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