Book Review! “Don’t Shed a Tear” by Betty Byers

PLOT   – ****
FLOW – ****



First, before I go any further, I want to mention that this is the second book with the same characters. I am usually a stickler for reading books in the right order, but as I review more books like this one I realize there are two different types. 
1. The series where if you do not start with the first book you are hopelessly lost and confused.
2. The series where you can pick up the second or third book and not be left behind because the author includes enough of a backstory to keep you up to date. 

This book falls into the latter category. I didn’t feel lost at all. 

Now, on to the story! It was a pretty good one. Lola was a quirky character with a quick and witty tongue. I love reading books like that. The ones that can make you spontaneously laugh out loud are a jewel to be treasured. 
(According to me anyway!) 
She is a Private Investigator who has a lot on her plate. Her PI company has been hired to protect an up and coming reggae star King Dix. 
When shots break out at a concert they have to go undercover to figure out who wants King Dix out of the picture. 

On top of that, she thought she saw her long lost brother in the crowd shortly before the shots rang out. Clearly she would love to find him!

Last (but definitely not least) she is having some serious love triangle problems. She is in a relationship with Joe, but can’t help but have feelings for Julian. 

Put it all together and what to do you get? A great mystery with some romance and a few plot twist and turns for good measure!
Loved it!

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When Lola Hussey, newly fledged Private Investigator, was on a night out at a ragga party in London she spotted someone who looked like her long lost brother, Marley, on the dance floor. As she pushed through the crowd to reach him, two shots rang out and there was alarm as screams replaced the boom of the music. Party goers immediately dropped to the floor in panic. 
Lola’s second case had begun – and this one was much closer to home.

Let me know what you think!