Book Review! “Sapphyre” by Jason Komito


PLOT   – ****
FLOW – ***




First of all, I just have to say that I love the name of this book. “Sapphyre”. It is so awesome that if I wasn’t completely done having kids I would have another just to name her Sapphyre!

The book starts out with Sapphyre trying to survive on the streets. She is an orphan and doesn’t remember her parents at all. 
She meets up with a boy named Katrivus, the leader of a group of orphans named the Pugs. He is smart enough to know that where one person is weak, a group is strong and can accomplish much more.
He teaches Sapphyre to read and it is with this group that she learns she can sense magic. 

Soon she meets a blind women who gives her a vision of her parents. She also gives her something that tells her which way she has to go to fulfill her destiny.
So she heads west and meets Ashcon, who is a Runestar. She is one of the very few people who can see his runes. 

This is where the adventure begins!
Things are starting to happen that were set forth in an ancient prophecy. Sapphyre sets out with Ashcon and Skken to find Sorenthor. 

He is her only hope to find out her heritage and destiny. 

This book was a great start to a series. The ending will definitely have you waiting with much anticipation for the second book!

The only con I can think of is the writing was a little rough sometimes. It is hard to meet so many characters (this book had a TON of them) when they all sound the same. Hard to differentiate and remember who is who. 
However, by the end you really know who the characters are and the story line has you very invested in their future. 

Definitely worth reading!

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Sapphyre has always known she has some innate magical ability, but being an orphan growing up on the streets, she is both unaware of where it comes from or how to control it. For the last two winters she has served ale and food in the Dragon’s Flagon and until this evening it has been rather uneventful. The stranger with the yellow eyes has accumulated a large stack of coin at the dice game and has attracted much attention. Sapphyre notices that with each winning role, what looks like a tattoo of a cat’s eye lights up on the man’s neck. Glancing around the table, she is shocked to see that no one else can see it.

Sapphyre learns the stranger’s name and, the following day, listens to his tale. Ashcon explains that he is a runestar and a defender of the light and the stars and has runes, not tattoos, all over his body, that enable him certain powers. The runes can only be seen when he activates them, and then only by extremely powerful practitioners of magic. Ashcon asks Sapphyre to join him and his companion Skken in a search for a man named Sorenthor who will be able to determine why she can see his runes and from where her magic hails.

The first book in this epic fantasy follows Sapphyre and her companions as they attempt to reach Sorenthor’s Library in the hopes of finding answers for Sapphyre as to her true heritage. The meeting between Ashcon and Sapphyre has put into play ancient prophecies. The followers of the Zagador, the Dark Gods, led by Ashcon’s brother Drak’thonn, are spurred into motion and will stop at nothing to track down and destroy Ashcon and his companions and plunge the world into Eternal Night.

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