Book Review! “Shiri” by D.S. Taylor


PLOT   – *****
FLOW – ****



I have never read a story about ancient egyptian times. So, needless to say I was quite excited to get started on this historical fiction novel. Which just so happens to be set in…….ancient egyptian times!

Shiri is the daughter, who was promised to be a son. I actually liked this book right from the start JUST because of this fact. As a mom of four girls I often have to remind my husband that a girl can be even more of an asset than boy 😛 (kidding…..kind of…)

The story really starts to get going when Shiri is fifteen years old. Her entire family, including the father she loves so much, is killed by Pharaohs army. 

The last thing her father tells her to do is “RUN”. So she does. She tries to warn the Shepherd King that Pharaoh’s army is coming. Warn them she does, but in the end it doesn’t matter. 

This story spans several years, and is full of suspense and revenge. Any fan of historical fiction would absolutely love it. 

The world building was amazing. It really felt like you were in ancient Egypt. The flow was great as well. Even though it is a relatively long novel, it still felt to short. Always the best indicator of a well written story!

Highly recommend!  

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Shiri blocks her ears to her mother’s screams and sees the arrows strike her father’s chest. With their murderers bearing down on her she turns to obey his final command. “RUN!”

Amenhotep, Prince of Egypt, burns her village, enslaves her people, and destroys all she loves. Only Shiri escapes. With tears in her eyes and vengeance in her heart, she races to warn the Shepherd King. If she doesn’t reach him in time, all Palestine will burn.

It’s a race that takes her from the fields of Armageddon, to the sands of Ancient Egypt and the very heart of Pharaoh’s court. It’s a struggle that brings the deaths of kings and the birth of a god. It’s a quest that sees her fall in love.

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