Book Review! “I, Win” by Win Charles


STORY – *****
FLOW – ****




This book is a prime example of why I love being a book reviewer. It helps me find books and authors I never would have found on my own!

Win Charles was born as a micro-premeie in Aspen CO. She was airlifted to Children’s Hospital in Denver, CO where several scary months later her parents learned she had Cerebral Palsy.

You do NOT want to miss this book. Although the book flows smoothly, it is not an easy read. You will often find yourself putting it down so you can digest what the author just wrote. 
There were several times it felt like the author was talking directly to me when she described how most of the population treats disabled people. I can’t begin to thank her enough for bringing things like that to my attention. 

This is a great book for everyone to read. It is the story of a very determined individual who turns what most people would call a disaster into a blessing. She describes how her loving family and “can do” attitude helps her to lead a fulfilling life. 

I can’t begin to describe how much I highly recommend this book!

As a side note, this author lives relatively close to me. I would love to visit her studio one day and meet her personally.

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At age 24 I decided to tell my story. Writing this autobiography gave me the opportunity to pay tribute to my family members who are passionate about life and have instilled this passion in me. My parents’ extraordinary support, encouragment, and pure love were my foundation as I navigated life, overcame obstacles, and achieved successes as a young woman with cerebral palsy. I have to pay full tribute to my mother, who died in August 2010. From her I learned to listen to my own voice as a guide to making life choices. She taught me to always expect the best from myself. My hope is that this book will provide insight into the extraordinary possibilities that those who live with disabilities have. I also hope that those without disabilities– rather than putting a focus on our differences – will come to understand what we all have in common. This book is for my mom, with love.

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