Book Review! “The Doom Murders” by Brian O’Hare


PLOT   – ****
FLOW – ****


To put it bluntly, I loved this book. To say it is a murder mystery wouldn’t do it justice.

There were so many layers to it, that it is hard to tell you about them all without giving away to much! 
Yes, it is a murder mystery and a very good one at that. There are clues throughout that lead up to a very satisfying ending you never saw coming.

The characters were amazing. Especially Jim Sheehan, the Chief Inspector. I loved the crime scenes. Not necessarily hearing about the gruesome murders, but just *being* there while the team tried to put all the evidence together.
It was very real to me, and I enjoyed getting to see the real side of a crime investigation team. They are like a family. 

The final layer that makes this book so amazing (at least to me, since I am a cradle Traditional Catholic) is the underlying story of the Catholic Church. It really put a new spin on the crisis it is going through at the moment. I can’t tell you any more than that, as I detest spoilers 😛

About the only problem I could find with this book is a few technical problems. For ME personally they aren’t a big deal. If one page suddenly goes to italics, or changes font, it doesn’t detract from the story as a whole.

Even if formatting problems make you want to throw your book/kindle, I suggest you just suck it up for this book. 
It really is that good!  

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Prominent figures in Belfast are being murdered. The bodies are left naked and posed in grotesquely distorted shapes. No clues are left at the forensically immaculate crime scenes except odd theatrical props and some random numbers and letters concealed at each scene by the killer. How are the victims linked? What is the connection between these killings and a famous mediaeval painting of The Last Judgement? Chief Inspector Jim Sheehan is baffled. Faced with one of the most complex cases of his career, he turns to an eminent professor at Queen’s University and a senior cleric who is a biblical expert. With their help, Sheehan begins to piece together some understanding of the killer’s psychopathy but can he learn enough to identify the killer and put an end the murders?

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