Book Review! “Weed Therapy” by Mark Paxson


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I didn’t really know what to expect from this book. A sappy love story? A book that was the equivalent to seeing a marriage counselor?

It turns out that it is more a book about LIFE lessons than anything else. Yes, there is marriage advice in it, but overall that *marriage advice* can be applied to all of your relationships.

Kelvin Rockwell decided to go to the smallest of villages in Mexico thanks to the advice of some random stranger he met in a bar. 
He is so unhappy with his life and his failing marriage he is willing to go to somewhat extreme measures.

Who wouldn’t love to learn some life lessons from a wizened old fake priest (don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it seems) in a small village that seems to be the only place in the world that has their priorities straight?

I figured that after Kelvin returned from Mexico and his visit with Father Santos,  things would go really well and all would be roses and chocolate.

In fact, quite the opposite was true. It showed exactly how hard, or impossible, it can be to salvage a relationship that has gone so far south.
Even with his kids it was a struggle to “weed out” what had choked their father/son relationship.

I don’t want to give away anything else, but it is a good solid story. It has many life lessons hidden throughout and a very real storyline.

I’m sure I will be reading this book again.


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Kelvin Rockwell’s thirteen-year-old son, Spencer, is doing what
teenage boys do, ignoring his father and growing apart. His
four-year-old, Jason, is still planted firmly in his ‘mommy and me’
phase. And his wife, Holly, has spent years demonstrating apathy
towards their marriage. The emotional reward of family is
disappearing from Kelvin’s life.

In an attempt to find an answer to his unhappiness, Kelvin leaves his
family for a few days to visit Santo Cielo, a remote village along the
coast of Baja California. There, he experiences a life far removed
from his own and explores his frustrations with Father Juan Miguel
Santos, an old priest who shares his wisdom and life lessons.

The first lesson Father Santos teaches Kelvin is that a marriage is
like a garden. It must be weeded every day. Kelvin thinks back to a
comment Holly made years after they were married – that she
wasn’t comfortable with him – and they did nothing to resolve the
problem. The weed that Holly planted squarely in the middle of
their marriage hadn’t been pulled. Instead it joined other weeds,
choking the color out of their marriage.

Weed Therapy follows Kelvin as he searches his soul and his
memories in response to Father Santos’s lessons, including the
simplest of messages – that Kelvin deserves to be happy. Motivated
by the old priest’s advice, Kelvin returns home and attempts to put
the lessons into action, to replace the weeds with a beautiful garden.

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