Book Review! “Dawning” by Olivia Stocum


PLOT   – ****
FLOW – ***


I couldn’t wait to read this as soon as I added it to my “To Be Read” list. It sounded amazing, and it held true to my expectations!

Triona MacAlastair is in love with Ronan. Unfortunately, her father is not as convinced as she is.

Her true love, Ronan, decided to leave for two years and come back a better man. Finally worthy of his Triona.

However, two years turns into three……and then four. Triona loses hope and begins to move on.

I felt that the struggles between Ronan and Triona were very real. I am pretty sure me and my husband have had similar fights. 
Overall, it was a great book and I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a good romance. I am giving it four stars because there was a some repetition that could have been cleaned up, but it really didn’t detract from the story at all.

The end left me waiting impatiently for a sequel!


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Scotland, 1599. He abandoned her… She had failed to be enough for him. The empty space he left behind hollowed out her heart, and she wondered what to do with the rest of her life… 

When Ronan leaves the clan to seek his fortune, Triona MacAlastair fears she will never see him again. Four years later, a threat against her life forces her to depend on a mysterious, cloaked rogue known as Blackhawk. 

She knows he is capable of protecting her, but what is he hiding? Why does he refuse to show his face?

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