Spotlight Book! “Fallen Men” by Brian O’Hare

I read this book in virtually one sitting. Do not be put of by the genre of Religios fiction, it is not…it is just a darn good read and character driven .  – Amazon Reviewer

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A young priest’s life spirals out of control when long-submerged memories of childhood abuse begin to surface.Fallen Men touches on some dark themes but it is ultimately a novel of redemption. It is also a heartrending love story and the book has won the Amazon IDB Award in January, 2013.

Some significant critics have this to say about the book:

“Great story…I could not put it down when I got to the second half. Well written, great characters. The psychological aspects are key.” Stephen Frankini, Publisher, Tumblar House Books.

“O’Hare has a pleasant, easy-to-read writing style. I have written five books and edited five others, so I realize the hard work and effort that go into writing a full length novel…There are aspects of this book that I thoroughly appreciated. The topic of sexual abuse is dealt with sensitively. There are no attention-seeking graphic descriptions. The flashbacks of child sex abuse and the depictions of the depression, guilt and breakdown after a rushed abortion are particularly well done. I found the court sequences to be believable and compelling. This is definitely an author with natural storytelling ability.”
Ellen Gable Hrkach, Reviewer, Catholic Fiction

“A story that is both current and gripping. It has distinctive and credible dialogue and beautifully forged characters. It is clear that the writer is a keen observer of human nature. I genuinely enjoyed reading this book.” John Anthony, Publisher, Pink Cloud.

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