Book Review! “Ting and I” by Douglas Winslow Cooper

 Personal Rating System:

Story – ****
Flow – **
Grammar/Editing *****

On a review site:
4 stars

This memoir was a great read! I was looking forward to reading it since I first saw it.

Douglas and his second wife meet in college.  They are soon tore apart by parents and social pressures.
Reunited years later after both having divorced their their first spouse they finally find marital happiness.

Unfortunately by the time they were married, they only had a few good years before Tings MS started getting the best of her. After beating death several times (one time in particular) she is now  bedridden and highly handicapped.

This is a TRUE story of love and devotion. These two people love each other through thick and thin. Through the whole book you can just feel it.

I am only giving this book 4 stars because toward the end I felt it was a bit unfocused.
An example of how it was so unfocused, but still good: Douglas mentions  that Ting shares her mother in laws birthday. I’m not really sure why this was shared, something about astrological signs (yet, that still doesn’t make sense).
HOWEVER, I was glad he put it in the book because my husband shares my dads birthday. I can only hope that means we will be as devoted to each other as this amazing couple!

Overall I recommend it to anyone who is a TRUE romantic, and wants to read what REAL love looks like. Not the fluff Hollywood sells us on.

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Love conquers separation,
prejudice, and quadriplegia

Tina Su and Doug Cooper met in a Chinese class at Cornell University in 1963. They fell in love, later married and lived happily ever after. Actually, it was not quite that simple. With both sets of parents opposing an interracial marriage, the couple separated and did not meet again for nineteen years. Tina went off to grad school at Harvard, married a scientist from China, edited for the Encyclopedia Britannica, had two sons, and felt trapped in a difficult marriage. Doug was drafted into the army, and afterward earned his master’s in physics from Penn State and a Ph.D. in engineering from Harvard. His first marriage (to a Caucasian woman who resembled Tina) failed. Eventually Doug contacted Tina, and the two declared their love. Interracial issues were no longer a problem; but her multiple sclerosis, with its likelihood of increasing disability, would cast a shadow on their prospects. Tina—with great difficulty and pain—left her marriage. Now together for more than twenty-five years, Tina and Doug have learned that while love may not conquer all, it has been crucial in successfully meeting the challenges of Tina’s progressive immobility, ultimately her quadriplegia and near death from an MS-caused pneumonia. More than a love story, this wry memoir has reflections on love and marriage, faith, professional ethics, at-home intensive nursing care, medical insurance, finances, and the exceptional character of a brave woman, written by the man who loves her, with tributes from those who admire her.

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