Book Review! “Prodigy of Rainbow Tower” by Charles E. Yallowitz

Personal Rating System:
Character Development – *****
Plot   – ****
Flow – ****
Grammar/Editing ****

On a review site:
5 stars

This is the second installment for this series, you can read my review of the first book  HERE

I have always loved reading a series more than standalone books, and a series like this just reminds me why. I love to fall in love with characters and go on looong journeys with them.
I missed Luke and all of his friends in between reading the two books. Especially Fizzle! I love Fizzle =)

In this book Luke has graduated the Academy and is off on his first adventure. Nyx joins the crew to add extra spark to the group. I personally loved Nyx and hope maybe her and Luke will eventually end up together….hint hint…

In the first book Luke was very immature and I commented that I hoped the author planned to mature his character through the series. I am happy to report I was right! Luke has grown so much over the past two books.

The books themselves seem to be maturing as well. This book has much better fight scenes and seems to be a little more on the mature side than the first book.
Almost like the Harry Potter series. The books start out so young and innocent, but by the last book – watch out!

Overall, this is a series I am happy to be adding to my library and I can’t wait until the next one is out! I also can’t believe what a steal they are. Both books are only .99 cents. I am not sure if this is permanent or temporary so go get them while you can.

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The action-packed, humor-filled, dramatic sequel to ‘Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero’.

Battling through a demonic assassin and an army of monsters, Luke Callindor has survived his time at Hamilton Military Academy. Now, Luke and his friends must leave the safety of the academy to escort Duke Solomon’s heir down the L’dandrin River and into the safety of the city of Gods’ Voice. Joining them for this journey is Nyx, a powerful caster apprentice of Rainbow Tower. With her talent for combat magic and her short temper, Nyx will prove to be a challenge for Luke and all of their enemies.

Who will survive the harrowing trip down the L’dandrin River? And, who will be the one to break Luke’s trust?

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  1. I wanted to say thank you for your reviews. I loved getting your feedback and insight.

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