Book Review! “Sequela” by Cleland Smith

Personal Rating System:
Character Development – ****
Plot   – ****
Flow – ***
Grammar/Editing ****

On a review site:
 4 stars

This book is INCREDIBLY unique.

With so many books bordering on the *same ol’ same ol’* storylines it is refreshing to read something incredibly original.

That being said, there were some holes which kept it from being five stars.

First off, the beginning was really hard to follow. I don’t usually read the blurbs of books because I feel sometimes they give to much away.

With this book, after reading a few chapters I was looking at the blurb to figure out what was going on!

For example, I would have liked a little more background on WHY the upperclass/elite wanted to infect themselves with modified sexually transmitted viruses as a fashion statement.

Maybe it was a crazy superstar? Like a Lady GaGa who made it popular and people followed?

I felt like we were thrown into the futuristic timeline without enough world building.

However, the characters were well developed, and although they weren’t always like-able they were very real. The plot was good, and even though it was so “out there” still very believable.

Overall it was a unique book and  anyone who enjoys science fiction with a TRUE science spin would enjoy it.

Kester Lowe is the next big thing in viral fashion. For the price of a Brinkov suit you could be wearing one of his exclusively engineered STVs. And once you put it on, almost everyone will want you…

At least, that’s the plan. Alexis Farrell will stop at nothing to make her new designer a star, but not everyone is a fan; those offended by what he represents, those he has betrayed, his own suppressed ambitions and forgotten promises – Kester is racking up enemies and they are about to come together in an attempt to destroy him.


Sequela is a solid debut from a fresh new voice in science fiction. Set in London in the 2080s, it follows the story of virologist Dr Kester Lowe as he rockets to fame as the first fashion virus designer.
As events unfold, the reality of Kester’s fame and desirability bring him to crisis point, forcing him to deal with the consequences of selling his services to the highest bidder and reawakening his ambition to use his scientific talent to the greater good. A potent mix of nanotechnology, terrorism and sexual politics.


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