Book Review! “Fang Chronicles: Mandy’s Story” by D’Elen McClain

Personal Rating System:
Character Development – *****
Plot   – ****
Flow – ****
Grammar/Editing *****

On a review site:
5 stars

The one thing that makes a paranormal romance stand out among all the others is great characters.

This book had some AWESOME ones.
Mandy was great. Although she is young she mated to a Kodiak bear named Honey about a year previous.
She got tired of waiting for him to notice her (in fact, he was pretty much downright ignoring her!) so she decided to kidnap him and force the situation.

If that sounds hilarious, it is!
That is just the beginning of the funny situations Mandy gets herself into. Attacking her mates father, before she knew it was his father, was another great scene.
All in all, in was a great read.

Mandy’s story is not the first in the Fang Chronicles, but it is the only one I have read so far.

It read fine as a standalone book, but I am sure there are things I didn’t pick up on.
If you want to read it in order, “Fang Chronicles: Amy’s Story” is first and it is FREE! So go get it and read them all.


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Mandy’s Story is a standalone, humorous and little bit kinky side story to the Fang Chronicles series.

Every beastkind knows you don’t mess with a Kodiak bear—everyone that is except Mandy, the wolf-pack Alpha’s sister. When Mandy hears whispers that the bad attitude bear, Honey, has chosen a mate, she takes matters into her own hands because her wolf decided months before that Honey was hers. If drugging, kidnapping, and making him live in a feral cage won’t work she’s planning to give Honey a little bad attitude of her own.

The bear clan is ferocious, deadly, and their fighting skills coveted by other beastkind. With war on the horizon, Honey has little time for games or courting much less more than a few grunts of acknowledgement to a young she-wolf who seems to be everywhere he looks. When he wakes up in a feral cage at the hands of that same exasperating she-wolf… all bets are off.

If anyone thought bears and wolves don’t mix, they’ve never seen Mandy on a mission. She refuses to give into the sexy he-bear when he tries to seduce her out of her tight little assets and himself out of the cage she’s locked him in. Two can play that game and in the end Honey will learn, they both need to win, or else.

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