Book Review! “Beginning of a Hero” by Charles E. Yallowitz

Personal Rating System:
Character Development – *****
Plot   – ****
Flow – ***
Grammar/Editing ****

On a review site:
4 stars

What a great little fantasy book! I have always loved fantasy. I think the very first series I ever read was the Belgariad by David Eddings.
Although it has it’s differences I couldn’t help but be reminded of the Belgariad while reading Legends of Windemere.

The main characters are alike. They are both young and full of themselves.
I can only imagine how much Luke Callindor will grow though the series.
It is also CHOCK FULL of interesting characters! They are all such different creatures than are usually in books.
I can’t decide if my favorite character is charming halfling Nimby or or childish but wise dragon Fizzle.

Although this is written in Second Person, it didn’t really bug me. That could be because a lot of the books I read are in First Person. 

So, two things that could be a turn off in this book is the Second Person point of view and the fact that it takes a little while to *get going.*
I would strongly suggest giving it a go anyway, even if the beginning is hard. It is a GREAT start to what has to be a great series!
Plus, at .99cents it is a total steal.

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Take a step into the magical world of Windemere where history is forged by brave adventurers.

Luke Callindor was born into Windemere’s most decorated family of adventurers. Since his birth, he has been treated with the greatest amount of respect and awe. Now, with a lifetime of training and the reckless cockiness of youth, Luke has set out to prove that he deserves the admiration that comes from being a Callindor.

Luke gets his chance when he convinces a royal messenger to hire him to protect the heir of Duke Solomon. This future leader is secretly attending Hamilton Military Academy, an esteemed school run by the former mercenary, Selenia Hamilton. It is a dangerous secret mission requiring that Luke pretend to be an average student while keeping an eye out for any sign of danger. Unfortunately, Luke has no idea which student the heir is and a demonic assassin is already several steps ahead of him. Finding himself in over his head and constantly in trouble, the young warrior realizes that the only things he has on his side are some new friends and his unwavering courage.

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