Book Review! “Feelings From the Heart: Love Poems For Regina” by Kevin A. Hickson

Personal Rating System:
Pictures – ****

Grammar/Editing ****



I have personally always loved poems. I have NEVER been able to write them myself, no matter how hard I tried.
Maybe that is why I enjoy the ones others write so much!

When I first started reading this book I figured it would be filled with love poems.
Don’t be fooled by the title! It is filled with so many different kind of poems and experiences.

In this world of instant gratification it is almost to easy to just throw something together and call it a hard days work.
However, you can easily see this book has been written over the span of years and you can really tell the author has experienced a LOT.

This is one of the few books I feel I want to have in paperback just so I can have the actual feeling of a book to read and flip through.

Thanks Kevin for sharing your great poems with the world!

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In January of 1989 we shared an event that changed our life, marriage and family. We attended a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend. This experience can make a good marriage great. Since making an anniversary weekend in 2008, I began to write poetry again on a regular basis to Regina. Some of this poetry is here along with some pictures taken along the way. Enjoy!

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