Book Review! “Booker the Bald Cat” by Elissa Burr

Personal Rating System:

Character Development – ****
Plot   – *****
Grammar/Editing ****

I really jumped at the chance to review this book, because I have four daughters. My oldest is 11 then 6, 4, & 2.

I had my 11 year old read it aloud to her little sisters. Of course, only the six year old REALLY paid attention!

My 11 year old liked the story and asked if she could read it again.

My 6 year old thought it was a really funny story about a bald cat. (she was never that great at reading comprehension :P) She was also quite confused with her first *series* experience and was a bit bewildered about the cliffhanger at the end! Maybe she won’t share her mom’s love of series…although she did want to read the next one, so maybe she will.

Overall I thought it was a good story that had great messages hidden throughout. From adopting a stray to family helping each other.

I think any child would love getting to know Booker and the family, as well as figuring out the mystery of why Booker is bald?
Just watch out for the surprise ending!

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Booker the Cat has been adopted by the McCluskey family.

A birthday present for ten-year-old Polly McCluskey, this little kitten won the hearts of the entire family.

But then it happened … Booker was bald!

Follow the adventures of the McCluskeys and Booker to find out why he went bald!

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