Book Review! “Truth’s Blood” by Tyler Roberts

Personal Rating System:
Character Development – ****
Plot   – *****
Flow – ***
Grammar/Editing ****

On a review site:
5 stars

Where to begin? This is very well written novel about what “could” come to pass.
Although it IS a fictional tale, it has it’s roots in possibility.

Cliffson and his family are caught up in the downfall of America. The Chinese Government has had enough with America’s debt and inability to pay it back.
They come and physically take valuables right out of American homes.

The MOST valuable things they claim are young men. They enslave them and use them for their own purposes.
Cliffson is bound and determined to save his family and his two sons, however one of his sons is captured before he can get home.

I personally loved this book. I tend to agree with the author on most of his points (your experience may vary). I DO think that anyone, no matter what they personally think, could learn a lot from this book.

I don’t want to give a spoiler, but let’s just say you will need a bunch of tissues at the end of this book.

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It hadn’t seemed possible that a president whose policies had impoverished millions could be reelected. It was the waning years of the American empire and the liberties represented in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were a fading memory. The government monitored every aspect of American life, and the drones buzzing overhead served as a constant reminder, but it was the governments reckless spending that brought the nation to its knees.

Now, the economy is in ruin, and the president’s European style welfare state stands at the brink of collapse. The United States is unable to repay its debts. China has come seeking payment in real assets, and they mean business. Chaos reigns; power has been cut; select cities have been decimated by nuclear bombs; and burned out houses occupy neighborhoods like rotting teeth in the mouth of a crack addict. What was new is now old and what was old is now new again.

Cliffson Lang’s son attempts to escape the fires and mobs overrunning the city of Seattle. When Cliffson is called away to help, his other son is kidnapped by occupying forces and placed in a work camp. Truth’s Blood is the Lang family’s story of survival at a time when government dependency must be replaced by self-reliance. As the United States experiences the disintegration of society and foreign occupation, their challenge verges on the impossible.

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