Spotlight Book! “Sunnyville Stories Volume 1” by Max West

“Sunnyville Stories Volume 1” is an anthology of the first three episodes or installments of the independent alternative comic series, “Sunnyville Stories.” In the world of Sunnyville, black and white cartoon teenage cat friends, Rusty and Samantha encounter unusually familiar issues (from human society), enacted by old-fashioned, retro-dressed anthropomorphic animals, coons, bears, squirrels, and other oddly human-looking cats. – Midwest Book Review Bookwatch, June 2013

Sunnyville Stories

Welcome to Sunnyville, a remote hamlet where time stands still. The inhabitants of this town are anthropomorphic animals dressed traditionally. It is here that two young teenagers, Rusty Duncan and Samantha Macregor, have all sorts of adventures. In Max West’s first trade paperback, the quaint village of Sunnyville gets a new family – the Duncans. Their teenage son, Robert “Rusty” Duncan, befriends country girl Samantha “Sam” Macgregor. Together, the two have escapades around the town like meeting new friends, playing pinball, and facing local bandits.

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