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Award-winning, Best-selling author Denise Domning asks…what if Romeo and Juliet had succeeded?


Four Stars

“Readers who deplore romances set in the Medieval period that are false to the times will appreciate [The Warrior’s Wife]. The practices, traditions, and attitudes of the era are realistically presented [and] the political climate of the time … well-woven into the plot. … [The Warrior’s Wife] is a worthy addition to this author’s list. I look forward to reading the next medieval by this talented author.”
–Lesley Dunlap, The Romance Reader

“The novel will provide pleasure to readers who enjoy a straightforward historical romance”–Harriet Klausner

Two warring families, one widow who has forgotten her family’s hatred, one powerful knight determined to reclaim his family’s castle and a wife to rule it beside him. No one will stop him not her father, his king or the lady herself.


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